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Protest at the Egyptian embassy in Delhi

Representatives of a number of students and youth organisations organised a protest at the Egyptian embassy in Delhi on 1 August against the military coup, overthrow of the elected government and wholesale murder of protesters exercising their democratic rights.

Speakers said that the Indian government had hosted President Mohammad Morsi only a few months earlier but now the Indian government has completely disowned him without showing any concern for democracy and fundamental rights of Egyptian people who elected Mursi as president. Speakers said that they will continue supporting anti-coup protests in India because of the historical brotherhood between Indian and Egyptian peoples.

Leaders of the Forum for Students’ Democracy, Democratic Students Union, Students Islamic Organization and Campus Front  spoke during the protest and expressed their solidarity with the anti-coup protesters in Egypt.

Convener of the Forum Omair Anas criticized India’s silence over the military coup and consequent military-sponsored violence in Egypt. He said that the  coup in Egypt is a huge blow for the entire Arab region where American hegemony is the major decisive factor. He reiterated that only people’s choice through democratic institutions can correct historical mistakes of past governments in Egypt. He said that a president and parliament elected through ballots can only be removed by ballots.

General Secretary of Welfare Party of India Dr Qasim Rasool Ilyas said that Indian government’s silence is against India’s long-term interests in the region. He explained how Israelis and Americans are secretly playing games behind the curtain of this coup. Representatives of Forum for Students’ Democracy, Democratic Students Union, Students Islamic Organization and Campus Front also spoke and expressed their solidarity with anti coup protesters in Egypt.  

At the end of march, a memorandum was submitted to the officials of Embassy which demanded the military ruler of Egypt:
1. To cancel military declaration of suspending Constitution and  reinstate Dr. Mohammad Morsi as president to find a broad-based solution within legitimate process mandated by clear electoral support.

2. To cancel all emergency powers to military or the police to deal with ongoing political crisis. To allow peaceful struggle for all political groups.

3. To lift ban from all media organizations shut down after the military takeover, in order to ensure freedom of expression.

4. To release all detained leaders of all political parties and stop arbitrary arrests and torture campaign against leaders and activists of Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party.

5. To support a broad-based national reconciliation dialogue among all the political players of Egypt to find a political and constitutional solution in the light of the mandate given by Egyptian people in the last presidential election.

6. The forum appeals to all Egyptians, liberals, Islamists and others to refrain from violence against each other and to protect Egypt from military dictatorship.

7. The forum appeals to the international community, including the Arab League, the United Nations and other countries to support the civilian government elected by the people of Egypt and not to deal secretly with the military as they have done in the past.

8. The forum expects that the Indian government would take an independent position on the crisis which brings back legitimacy of the mandate given to the elected President. We demand the Indian government not to recognize this military coup and convey to the military leadership that it will deal only with the elected leadership of Egypt.   

Egypt Solidarity Forum, an umbrella organization of many students and political groups organized the protest. Delhi Police tried unsuccessfully to prevent the protesters from reaching the embassy in Delhi’s Chanakyapuri area.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 August 2013 on page no. 13

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