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Call for research papers on “Paid News and Indian Journalism”

We all know that Paid News has cropped up as one of the greatest threats to Indian journalism and the related socio-political fabric. While previously an individual journalist or two occasionally used to implant stories on monetary allurements but the phenomenon of Paid news is such that some of the owners of important newspapers are alleged to be taking money at one place and are forcing their journalists to write intended and targeted stories in the Newspapers. Recently there was a lecture by P Sainath at Lucknow, the noted journalist who is well-known for his crusade against Paid news. In his lecture, Sainath said that the single most important danger over today’s journalism and our complete system is that of Paid News. He gave a large number of real life examples about Paid News, along with great details.

Institute for Research and Documentation in Social sciences (IRDS) is inviting all those concerned to send Mini research papers on the topic “Paid News and Indian Journalism.” The Research Paper can be about any particular aspect of Paid News or it can also take the subject in its totality. It needs to cover the topic correlating Paid news and today’s Indian journalism. One can also send the Research paper on the basis of one or a few specific examples.

The last date for sending the research paper is 30 th April 2011. It can be sent either through email at irdslucknow[] or mailed at Secretary, IRDS, 5/426, Vikram Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow-226010 U.P.

Following set of rules shall be applicable-
1. The last date for sending the Research papers shall be 30 th April, 2011
2. Research papers can be sent either through email or at the given postal address
3. The maximum word limit of the Research paper shall be 5000 words while the minimum limit shall be 1500 words
4. The sender of the Research papers must also provide their name, address, email, phone number etc.
5. Research paper must be original at all cost and shall not have already been published anywhere
6. Research papers can be sent either in Hindi or English language
7. IRDS retails the Final Rights to select the best Research papers among those sent
The best two Mini Research papers shall be accordingly awarded-
First prize- Rs. 2,000 (Two thousand only)
2nd prize - Rs. 1,000 (One thousand only)
The First two research papers shall be published as well.

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