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Azan – My Spiritual Friend

By Mithun Dey

‘Azan’ is a voice inside my head and my heart. I have imbibed its spiritual message. I owe much to the muezzin for the introduction of such a lofty voice mainly when I stay far away from my hometown. I can’t get the sound of its voice out of my mind. I take it as a sign to clear my mind and listen to the voice of divine guidance. However, I belong to a moderately religious Hindu family.

Azan in Islam has a great meaning. It is not the effortless ringing of the bell or the insignificant blowing of horns. It is intended to bring to the mind of every believer and disbeliever the essence of Islamic beliefs or its spiritual ideology. The call of the muezzin is inviting in a greater degree than the ringing of the cordial toned bell or the most precious and elaborates system of chimes. The focal intention behind the multiple loud messages of azan in every mosque is to make available to everyone an effortlessly intelligible summary of the Islamic faith.

No one woke me up when I was in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Allahabad and many other cities. I woke up abruptly by the spiritual voice of ‘Azan’. It’s my natural intuitive gift in the morning. ‘Azan’, the voice inside me that warns me and also gives me guidance. I get the inner voice even when I’m awake.

I am a firm believer that ‘Azan’ tends to speak to me when I am in jeopardy. Often I hear the voice in my dreams. Every time, I feel that the voice is within me as different spirit guides. ‘Azan’ often rings in my ears. I interpret this as a sign to pay attention and consciously tune in to my intuition. I listen sincerely to the voice of most beautiful and amazing ‘Azan’ while I am lying in bed. And, the voice is always the same coming from all over the places wherever I am.

I take this voice as my spiritual friend. I believe it is the spiritual guide for everyone. I can hear the voice of the amazing ‘Azan’ of the river flowing through. I feel the spiritual voice deeply in birds chirping in the sky. I also hear the voice of ‘Azan’ in the singing leaves. I hear it in the wind. Even I feel the voice in the blossoming flowers.

The writer is based in New Bongaigaon, Assam

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 August 2013 on page no. 20

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