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AMU community condemns the massacre in Egypt

Aligarth: A symposim on “Murder of Democracy in Egypt” was organised here by the AMU’s Faculty of Theology on 17 August, in which a large number of teachers, scholars and students participated. Prof. Saud Alam Qasmi, Dean of the Faculty of Theology gave the inaugural speech in which he condemned the brutal massacre of civilians by the Egyptian armed forces. He criticized the unlawful dismissal of the elected government of Dr. Mohammad Morsi. He urged that democracy and justice must be restored without any delay. He said that the Muslim world should come out openly to favour democratic voices of the Brotherhood leaders and followers.

Prof. Mohsin Usmani, former dean of the Faculty of Languages at the EFL University (Hyderabad), explained the democratic struggle of the Ikhwanul Muslimeen for decades which was always suppressed by repressive regimes. He said that Al-Sisi is following the policy of the United States to dislodge any government democratically formed by the followers of Islam. Dr. Arshi Khan of the Department of Political Science said that the US and the West are not interested in democracy for Muslim countries as their agenda is to create ‘failed states” in Muslim countries. He said that the CIA is deeply involved in alliance with Mossad to create an unstable and insecure Egypt like Iraq. Dr. Aftab Alam, Secretary, AMUTA lamented that Muslim countries are silent over the killings in Egypt.

Prof. Ali Mohammad Naqvi, Chairman, Shia Theology said that the international community should come out with a strong protest against so many killings of Muslims in one day, which did not happen under the regime of the Shah in Iran. Dr. Shakeel Samdani of the Faculty of Law said that the West speaks of democracy, freedom and human rights but prefers dictators, particularly in Muslim countries. Military intervention has caused the violations of democratic principles and the UN Charter.

Prof. Razaullah Khan and Prof. Abdul Qayyum, former Presidents of AMUTA, condemned the massacre by the military regime. Prof. Ishtiaq Ahmad Zilli, director of the Shibly Academy at Azamgarh, said in his presidential remarks that the Muslim Brotherhood has been offering sacrifices for many many decades for the restoration of the will of the people and they would finally succeed in their efforts for making Egypt a democratic and peaceful country. He said that their sacrifice would enlighten democratic forces in Gulf countries.

A resolution was passed at the seminar condemning the suppression of peaceful democratic demonstrations and massacre of thousands of civilians in Egypt. It also denounced the illegal arrest and detention of President Mohammad Morsi and other leaders. The resolution urged the Government of India, United Nations, European Union, Russia and China to take appropriate measures at the international level to protect the lives and rights of the people in Egypt in addition to holding free and fair elections at the earliest.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 September 2013 on page no. 13

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