Saffron students' union extinguishes one more life

Khandwa (Madhya Pradesh): Emboldened by the death of a professor five years ago when he died because of severe heart attack during student election at Madhav College, Ujjain; students of agriculture college Khandwa succeeded in claiming one more life when a professor, who had witnessed the hooliganism of students, died of heart attack. Dr. S.S. Thakur, who was present in the Dean’s room when students thrashed Ashok Chaudhari, a teacher at Bhagwant Rao Madnloi College of Agriculture on 9 March. Not only was Ashok Chaudhari beaten, his face was also blackened and a girl student did not stay behind in beating him with her “chappal”.

The dean, P.P. Shastri, aggrieved by the hooliganism of the students belonging to a political party sent in his resignation. The matter pertains to an alleged illicit relationship between Dr. Chaudhari and a fourth year girl student. The girl is also accused of creating nuisance in the hostel after becoming highly drunk. The state convenor of ABVP, Rohit Mishra, Sonali Bankure of Girls unit and other demanded strong action against the two. Some highly agitated students dragged Chaudhari from the staff room and brought him to the dean’s chamber and blackened his face with ink and a girl is alleged to have beaten Chaudhari with a “chappal.” Rohit Mishra asked the administration to suspend the student. The police have registered a case against Rohit Mishra, Ashvini Sahu and Ankit Sahu and 50-60 others on receiving complaint against ABVP activists. The students misbehaved with the dean also. He was so shocked that he was unable to say much. ABVP is an RSS/BJP affiliate.

Dr. Shastri is the district convener of Sangh and presently also the sate co-convener of Malwa region. There are three rival factions in the college. Dr. Chaudhari is a favourite of Dr. Shastri.

An office bearer of the union while justifying student is wrath claimed the act was as a kind of “moral policing” on Bhopal Doordarshan. He claimed that the union is the biggest union of students in the world and takes “action” whenever there is “cultural” indecency. Dr. S.S. Thakur, who was present at his dean’s chamber at that time, went to his hometown, Damoh, having been shocked by the incident where he had a severe attack and collapsed on 11 March.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 April 2011 on page no. 3

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