Rs. 50,000 approved by Karnataka govt for marriage of poor Muslim girls

Bangalore: Karnataka’s minister for Haj, Waqf and minorities welfare, Haji Qamrul Islam while expressing his deep sorrow over the millat’s insensitivity about the serious problem of marriage of poor Muslim girls said that in Bangalore city’s three muhallas alone there are about 26,000 such poor girls whose parents are not in a position to get their daughters married because of their weak financial position and added that no estimate can be made about the number of such poor Muslim girls in the entire state who are waiting to get married. He expressed these views in his presidential address on the occasion of 23rd function of Qira’t-e Qur’an sponsored by Markazi Seerat Committee on 5 August. He said that because of lakhs of poor Muslim girls not getting married many evils of different kinds are spreading in society. He said that because of this situation he has got Rs. 50, 000 approved by the state government as assistance for the marriage of each such girl. At the same time he said that by making the government agree for such help he has not done any thing great but has simply taken the initiative in finding a solution to a serious problem of the millat.

He said that through this scheme he also wants to sensitise the wealthy sections of the millat for playing an important role in the solution of this vital social problem. He said that whereas wealthy people spend millions of rupees for the marriage of their sons and daughters to demonstrate their wealth, it would be very kind of them to also arrange the marriage of some poor girls. This would not only be a good service to the millat but would also please God greatly and His Prophet and they may also be rewarded for this.

Peerzada Shabbir Ahmad Naqshbandi, the moving spirit behind the Qur’anic Qira’t and President of All India Anjuman of Religious Leaders, was the chief guest in this function. While speaking at this function in which Iranian and Egyptian Qaris in particular, in addition to Indian Qaris, greatly impressed the audience, Peerzada Saheb exhorted the people to rise above sectarian and regional differences and get united firmly, on the basis of Kalima. Utilising this occasion when the minister Qamrul Islam had also hosted an iftar-dinner and in which chief minister of Karnataka, Sidaramaiyya was also a guest, Peerzada Saheb brought the problem of Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore’s Masjid Noor to the CM’s notice whose lease period had expired and wanted his help to extend the lease. The chief minister who also was highly impressed and spell bound with the Qirat, and expressed his keen desire to study the Qur’an ordered then and there that the land on which this Masjid was built should be made the property of this mosque and entrusted the responsibility of taking necessary steps for this on Haji Qamrul Islam. At this Peerzada Saheb said that they were expecting the chief minister to help in the lease being extended but instead, it was made a permanent property of the mosque. This indeed is the miracle of the Qur’an, he said.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 September 2013 on page no. 15

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