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Symposium on Human Rights and Minorities in Allahabad next month

A symposium on human rights and minorities on will be held in Allahabad on Sunday 24 April, 2011 under the aegis of Awami Council for Democracy and Peace. The main issues which will be discussed are violation of human rights, fake encounter, custodial death, fake criminal cases, irregularities in electoral role and census. The program will be held at Mahbooba Palace, Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar, Allahabad from 10.30 a.m. onwards.

The programme will be addressed by Hon’ble Mr. Wajahat Habibullah, Chairman National Minorities Commission, Government of India. Another prominent speaker would be Mrs. Teesta Seetalwad, a very renowned human right activist and a journalist from Bombay, another renowned speaker would be Mr. Sandeep Pandey RTI and Human Right Activist and Raman Magsaysay Awardee.

The Allahabad city will be represented by Mr. U.N. Sharma, Senior Advocate and President of Allahabad High Court Bar Association. Another renowned speaker would be Dr. Roop Rekha Verma, Ex Vice-Chancellor of Lucknow University. Mr. Anupam Gupta Advocate, Punjab and Haryana High Court is also likely to address the symposium. Mr. Gupta is also an illustrious name in the field of human rights activism and he was also counsel in the Librehan Commission. Another Speaker would be Mr. Mauji Khan, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Delhi (Retd.). Mr. Syed Farman Ahmad Naqvi, Advocate High Court Allahabad will also address the symposium.

It is also proposed that in the event we will discuss the issue relating to seeking appropriate amendment in section 176 of Code of Criminal procedure 1973, concerning Custodial deaths and Police brutality to be transferred, without delay or automatically, for investigation to CBI from the State police. The reason for seeking such amendment is that the basic principle of law is that ‘In propria causa nemo judex’ (No one can be judge in his own cause), and in all custodial death matters police personals indulge in such brutal acts; hence the investigation results arrived at by the same organization always relics in doubt. A resolution will be passed in this matter.

For details contact Syed Farman Ahmad Naqvi at naqvifarman[@]

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