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Islamic Dress Code

Dress is a blessing which Allah has conferred on human beings only. Animals and birds cannot wear good dress. Allah has adorned them with feathers and colourful skin. But they cannot wear different dress on different occasions or seasons. We must thank Allah for giving the lovely gift of clothes to cover and for modesty. Covering of our private parts makes us superior to other creatures of Allah. It is our honour and virtue. Different dresses in different seasons protect us from vagaries of climate. Warm clothes in winter, light and thin clothes in summer and covering of umbrella and such other things in rain are blessings from Allah. We are people with distinction.
Dress should make us look modest, humble and graceful. Dress should not display arrogance and pride. It should be an emblem of our righteousness and devotion to Allah. Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has taught us to put on our dress starting the right side first. Wear the right sleeve first in our upper garment. Then put the left arm in the left sleeve. Put the right foot first in the lower garment. Shoes also should be worn in the same manner. Right foot first and left foot second. One must shake the dress while he wears it because, there are chances of hidden insects hiding in it. Attention should be paid while wearing our socks. We must shake them well. It is important to do it while we are travelling. White dress makes men look cleaner. It suites everybody. This colour shows stains immediately making us change the dress. It is a colour of purity. Dark colours and colour catching attention are made for women. Women can wear attractive clothes in front of ladies and their husbands or men with blood relations and men she cannot legally marry. When she goes out, she must look modest, cultured, graceful and elegant. There should be a scarf on her head and her bosom. She should not wear thin or tight dress to disclose her body. She must not display the beauty of her body in front of the world. The dress should not show your pride and haughtiness. It should be simple, neat and elegant. The length of pyjama or lungi should fall above the ankles so to not to become dirty. Physical cleanliness leads us to purity of soul. Men must not wear silk. Silk dress is desirable for women. Women have the right to look beautiful but they should never wear revealing garment to allure men. Men and women should not adopt the same fashions in dress. Men should look like men and women should look like women. Both have different qualities in them and they must enhance the beauty of their different qualities. Simple dress does not mean show of poverty and untidiness. One must not wear rags. Such dresses let the soul grow dull. Simple dress means clean and good dress to boost your confidence. You don’t need to look like a beggar. You must look elegant and must thank Allah to make you look good and presentable. You should wear a complete dress during Prayers even if you are alone in your house. When you Prostrate to Allah you should look presentable. Never wear one shoe, or one sock and never look careless in your dress. Proper buttons are needed. Give good clothes to your servants and maids and teach them to remain clean and tidy. Try to donate school uniforms among needy children. Our children are great gifts of Allah. Children should be taught to remain clean. Hygiene is very important. When you wear new clothes, you must thank. Muslims are known for their culture of clothing. Muslims are known to cover their private parts. Islam has taught us to be respectable and graceful.

Nazneen O. Sherawala
Surat - 395007

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 September 2013 on page no. 20

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