Confessions of Saffron terrorists -XI

Part 11: Excerpts from the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) chargesheet in Malegaon case:
Transcript: [Ex-23]

Major Upadhyaya: …. Someone should be given the responsibility to do it at international level …. who can carry on propaganda at international level…. at the national level. At the same time there should be a few persons who can counteract against the terror let loose by Muslims and Christians…. (even) by resorting to action as was done in the Hyderabad mosque and at other places too…. It was not an ISI man who came and did it…. it was one of us at that time.
M. Upadhyaya: …. the invincibility that the Sikhs had got lost (in 1984 riots)…. The invinciblility that SIMI enjoys and which these people notice …. There is none to challenge it…. we have become disarmed …. I feel that this invincibility can be destroyed…. in bits of certain pockets….
S. Dwivedi: and if the organisation is banned…. what shall be our policy….
Major Upadhya: The policy shall be to challenge it…. lawyers would seek stay…. And once it is registered in the UNO this ban shall have no meaning …. and in case there is ban …. as I think …. instead of giving it an Indian form we shall make it an pan-Indian (international) form in Israel or at Singapore…. because the Bharat that we envision is not the shrunk (truncated) Bharart of today…. My concept is quite small, very small …. if you are not a Hindu, you are my enemy and I am not safe as long as you are alive…. I feel insecure becasue of you.
S. Dwivedi: …. the boy who had been sitting here for the last two days…. Harsh …. we thought him to be Harsha …. asked someone to design the website…. when he gave his card it was written Faiz Ahmad …. I had to get the whole this designed…. He kept sitting…. Then I talked to him …. I shall tell you (afterwards)….
M. Upadhyaya: …. no they are not reliable…. not reliable



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