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WPI secures relief for poor Daliyamma


Trivandrum: Daliyamma, 70-year-old widow of Neyyatinkara in Trivandrum district, got relief when Chief Minister Oomen Chandi assured a delegation comprising Welfare Party Kerala state secretaries Shreeja Neyyatinkara and Sasi Pandalam that his government would protect the remaining land of Daliyamma and would construct a house for her. Daliyamma possessed 25 cents of land at the bank of Neyyar river. The river bank, rich with costly sand, has been completely ruined by the onslaught of sand mafia and Daliyamma lost all her land minus five cents and her home almost collapsed.

Daliyamma had been fighting alone against the land mafia from 1983. Unlike others, she did not succumb to the diktats of the sand mafia. Heavy rains on 4 August this year took away almost her land alongwith home. Due to the mishap and nowhere to stay, Daliyamma became mentally disturbed. Welfare Party workers took up her case and rehabilitated her at a Working Women’s Hostel. The party held a dharna in front of the secretariat with Daliyamma. It got wide media coverage both in print and electronic. WPI state leaders submitted a memorandum to the chief minister detailing the pitiable situation of Daliyamma. Chief Minister assured the WPI delegation consisting Daliyamma that the government would protect her remaining five cent land and would construct a house for her.    

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 October 2013 on page no. 13

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