Why I want to watch 'Shahid'?


Call me prejudiced, monomaniac, monolithic, even a liar and what not but let me tell you honestly that I've not seen any movie that hit the marquee after 1980! Neither did I hear any song after the demise of Muhammad Rafi in the same year, 33 years ago. But now I'm going to break my 'principle,' nay, 'solemn vow' and thinking of watching the movie 'Shahid'  which's receiving rave reviews from critics and cine-goers.

Just a few minutes ago, while browsing through movie sites, I came across an audacious comment on this movie. Someone wrote that 'It's a funded movie to destabilise the country.'

What I've gathered from my dispassionate friends, who've watched the movie, is that one ebullient lawyer Shahid Azmi (it's a true story) fights tooth and nail for Muslim youngsters, branded as terrorists, and gets them acquitted in many cases. He was eventually killed.

So many young Muslim guys are booked and put behind the bars to languish till death. Most of them are framed and falsely implicated. No one comes forward to save them from this predicament and lifelong humiliation. Any bomb-explosion anywhere in the country or abroad is thought to be masterminded by the Muslims. This worldwide morbid thinking needs must be changed.

I believe, this movie will have such prejudiced people thinking anew that not every Muslim is a terrorist. This universal stereotyping about Muslims needs a revamp and such movies can contribute a bit in that direction.  


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