In Gujarat, only Modi is safe

Speaking on the demands of Home and Education Department, Leader of opposition in the State Assembly Shaktisinh Gohil said that in Gujarat both “education and protection” have gone to the dogs. There are lots of vacancies in the police department. Millions of rupees given by the Centre for the modernization of police force have not been utilised.

Giving details of unspent money he said that in 2008-09 it was Rs 606 lakh in 2009-10 Rs 412 lakh. In 2010-11, only Rs 671 lakh were spent against allocation of Rs 4018 lakh.

In Gujarat only the Chief Minister is safe and all the rest are unsafe. He said that the Chief Minister lives in tight security while a common man is left without any security.

The Centre had given Rs. 33.78 crore funds for police stations and policemen of Gujarat but the money has not been spent. By making few appointments and giving less facilities the police force in the state is deliberately being weakened. There are many jawans positioned near the CM but there is no adequate security for people. Incidents of loot, murder, robbery and rape are increasing.

The CM has a wrong motive to keep the police force weak and wants terrorists from neighbouring Pakistan to easily sneak into Gujarat. He has strong security and wants that the common man is left to terrorists just to benefit from his politics of terrorism.

If genuine terrorists do not come then the CM brings in fake terrorists and indulges in vote bank politics in the name of terrorism. Despite Supreme Court’s order the state security commission, police establishment board and police complaint authority are not functional.  The innocent children are not treated well according to juvenile justice laws. They are not kept away from hard core criminals. Juvenile homes lack even toilet, bathroom and living facilities. As many as 6531 cases are pending for past four months in juvenile justice board.

Liquor flows freely in the state which talks of Gandhiji Mandir and in Rajkot district alone 19,378 cases relating to alcohol were registered and liquor worth Rs. 5 crore was seized during last year. Crime is increasing in the state and in 2010, Ahmedabad alone witnessed 82 murder cases besides, 806 loot, 52 rape, 207 abduction and 5415 theft cases were registered.  

Pointing out that Chief Minister was absent even during the demands of Home department, Gohil said that Chief Minister has nothing like conscience and so he cant hear the voice of conscience.

He warned Minister of State Praful Patel and officers of the department that Modi was a coward and had no guts to do things straight. He fires from others shoulders and in case of problem sacrifices up the one who helped him to save himself.

The person who had complained to the then BJP Prime Minister against Modi was made the main accused in a case but the Honourable High Court declared him innocent. According to the country’s laws even though 99 criminals are freed, an innocent should not be punished. But in Gujarat 99 innocents are being punished.  
The Central government has framed right to education law for the welfare of people but the Gujarat government is not framing its rules and injustice is being done to the students of the state. The government policy is making the state backward in education.

In the field of general education Maharasthra tops the country with 2182 institutions while Gujarat is on ninth position with just 593 institutions. In polytechnics Tamil Nadu has 261, Karnataka 186, Madhya Pradesh has 178 colleges while Gujarat has only 60 colleges and is on seventh position. In primary basic schools Uttar Pradesh tops the chart with 1,27,247 schools while Gujarat is on 13th position with 17,443 schools.

The students of engineering or polytechnic colleges in Gujarat do not get interview calls during campus interviews from any renowned national or multi national companies. This is because around 75% posts in the colleges are lying vacant like principals-75%, professors- 90%, assistant professors- 71%, lecturers- 73%. Similarly in polytechnics 69 % posts like principal-84 %, Head of department- 63, lecturer-69% are vacant.

Teachers working in schools getting grants do not get salaries for months as the government does not give the grant on time. Instead of giving higher salaries and better facilities to employees of mid-day meal scheme, there is a conspiracy to give the entire scheme to some NGO.

Instead of giving promotions to qualified staff in Forensic Science Laboratory, the government is committing the crime of giving extension to its favourites. The BJP government in the state is committing crime of misusing FSL and extracting false reports.

The police force which is on its toes has not got leave pay for last few months. Even the DySP and PI have to wait for promotions. The Human Rights Commission should be made autonomous and should be given adequate facilities.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 April 2011 on page no. 10

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