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ANHAD to bring out misdeeds of Modi


New Delhi: ANHAD and other civil society groups have come together to bring about Kachcha Chittha (Hindi for dirty linen) of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi. They plan to periodically hold press conferences and release a series of stories exposing Modi. To document those stories in public domain they have launched a website: www.secularstore.net.

A statement issued after a joint press conference on 23 October said, "We strongly believe that our democracy and secularism is directly under threat. The spectre of the country's descent into fascism stares at us. The long reign of the UPA has not halted or arrested the march of the communal fascist forces; indeed there seems today to be a greater acceptance of ideas that we would call fascist. The strident demands for death penalty , the impatience with rule of law; the acceptability among the young urban people of a man as a potential Prime Minister, under whose watch minorities were systematically targeted, this desire for a strong authoritarian leader, all again point to the circulation and reception of fascist ideas." There have been several riots at least since last year across the country. On the one hand, one sees local-level riots engineering machinery gearing up, and on the other the cleansing and anointing of Modi as the development man, they added.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 November 2013 on page no. 13

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