Terrorism and BJP


By Dr Mansoor Ahmad Ajazi
Leader of Opposition in Gujarat Assembly Shanker Sinh Waghela has stated that “RSS and BJP are misusing Muslims for terrorist attack in the country” (Dainik Hindustan, Patna, 14 Nov., 2013). BJP leaders are making much hue and cry against this  alleged statement.

Inspite of hue and cry being made by BJP leaders, the statement of Waghela may not be taken lightly and at the same time it cannot be rejected outright as Waghela has had been not only closely associated with RSS- BJP but he had held highest posts in BJP-led Gujarat government and party which includes the posts of chief minister and state party chief as well as membership of the central BJP leadership. So he knows all ins and outs of BJP as well as he is well-acquainted with all strategies, tricks and  foulplays of RSS- BJP.

In Bihar also, leaders of various non-BJP political parties have similar opinion about the saffron party. It is a matter of concern why not a single leader of even lowest level belonging to BJP did sustain a simple injury during the bomb blasts. No bomb blast occurred within the Gandhi Maidan premises. SSP of Patna has clarified that the bomb was not for Modi. Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar, while briefing the press, said: “Terrorism helped BJP, otherwise the rally was a flop show.”

If one goes through the history of BJP since Jan Sangh days, one can draw conclusion that BJP and communalism are inseparable twins. Hindu-Muslim riots have been always beneficial for BJP.

Now-a-days terrorism has taken the place of riots but the beneficiary is still the BJP. Muslims are generally the victims in riots, but terrorist attacks are double whammy as both victims and accused are Muslims.

Naturally, there remains no place of sympathy for Muslims. Be it an attack on mosque or temple, Muslims are automatically accused.

After reading the above-mentioned statement of Waghela, the true story behind Pupri (district Sitamarhi) riot suddenly flashed in my mind, which was narrated decades ago by a former senior office-bearer of Jan Sangh who had joined Congress then. In the general elections of 1967, Raja Nasiruddin Haider Khan was elected to the Bihar assembly from the Pupri constituency on Congress ticket. A mid-term poll was to be held in 1969. Victory of Raja Nasir was a forgone conclusion. His contest was with  the Jan Sangh candidate. A senior leader of Jan Sangh came to Pupri where he found the prospect of his candidate dim. He directed his party workers to polarise voters on communal lines. To achieve this goal, the said leader prepared a blue-print of riot and he himself went away from the place. You will be surprised to know how the riot was ignited. A pit was dug on the private land of a Muslim gentleman in the dark of night. Then a maund of gram [chick pea] was laid down into the pit and water was poured on the gram. A statue of Hanuman was planted on the piled-up gram in the pit. Finally, the pit was covered with soil and the land was dressed up so as to look normal. Soon the wet gram fattened and slowly pushed up the statue upwards. Next day early in the morning, conspirators visited the site. On seeing the statue coming up, they shouted ‘Hanumanji has appeared”! Villagers gathered and the land owner and his supporters too came on the site. Quickly an skirmish started and tension mounted in the area. The Administration too reached the spot. A senior bureaucrat was so impressed by the “appearance” of Hanuman that at first, he saluted Hanuman with folded hands. Encouraged by this gesture, arti and bhajan-kirtan started there. Consequently, Pupri experienced worst-ever riot in its history. But this riot proved very fruitful for Jan Sangh. Its candidate won the seat! Muzaffarpur district at that time comprised of the present day Muzaffarpur, Sitamarhi, Vaishali and Sheohar districts, having 28 assembly segments. The only Muslim sitting MLA lost and the lone Jan Sangh candidate in the whole district got elected from Pupri and no Muslim was elected in Muzaffarpur district.

If we co-relate this incident with the statement of Waghela, we find that Waghela’s version seems  trustworthy.

Yasin Bhatkal is behind bars but the “headquarters” of Indian Mujahideen (IM) is still not traced. Why cannot we presume that IM is handled by remote control  and misled Muslim boys are playing as puppets in the hands of the remote-control managers. They are misused to malign Muslims and implicate innocent and talented Muslim youths.

To finish terrorism it is necessary to locate the headquarters of IM. Late Hemant Karkare drastically changed the direction of investigations and revealed saffron terror. Ultimately, he paid with his life.

These days every terrorist attack is easily directed towards “IM”. We should pray for an honest and dutiful officer like KarKare  to appear on the scene and succeed in solving the mystery of “IM”.  Without such a miracle, every Muslim parent will continue to be  dumb, praying for the safety of his/her children.

Muslims are apprehended simply on receiving calls on mobiles and entertaining guests. So much so that one now fears if the person whose call he has received or a guest whom he has entertained is found involved in any terrorist attack and his mobile number is detected, he will be implicated in the  incident.

In Bihar, especially after the departure of BJP from government, it seems as if whole of Bihar has become a centre of terrorism and every Muslim is a terrorist. May Allah save and protect Muslims.

The writer is a retired public servant of Bihar

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 December 2013 on page no. 1

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