“Buried alive, feeling choked”

Letter from Prison

Dear brother: We wish you the best of health. You are a torch-bearer of justice. You are following the path of goodness. May God Almighty bestow success upon you in both the worlds, may your paths and the Day of Judgement be easy.

Dear brother: we are writing this letter to you with the faith that God is Omnipresent and Omniscient. If we tell lies and mislead you, may the rest of our lives and our Hereafter be doomed. Our request to you is to help us thinking that you are doing all this in His name. All the four of us have been writing letters to you earlier also. All of us, Naseem, Shakeel, Aziz and Irfan, are locked up in Naini Central Jail, Allahabad, and, as we had written earlier, you are aware of every thing.

We  want to say that in spite of our complete innocence, we have spent eight years in this jail’s Anda [high security] barracks and suffered extreme cruelties and excesses. We simply request you, who are holding high posts, to help provide justice to us.

1. If we are guilty, even one percent from the legal point of view, we may be hanged, but if we are innocent in the eyes of court and totally free from all guilt, which we no doubt are, and all of us will meet in the Court of God. So kindly arrange to set us free. We want this justice.

Here in this jail, LIU [local intelligence unit] people are after our lives. They have government prosecutors to back them. Mulayam Singh Yadav had openly declared on the open stage that government lawyers and prosecutors will not oppose us. Months have passed on this assurance but here the position is quite different. Government lawyers are our bitter enemies as if we have committed a crime against their own persons. On our face they say that you have been framed, hence you will be acquitted but it appears that they somehow want to simply dispose of the case.

After eight years of hearings, following facts have become clear: (a) Police has no case against us; (b) Nothing has been found or recovered from us to find or declare us guilty; (c) No witness has so far come who knows or recognises us or in any way considers us guilty; (d) All records of U P Police are fake, totally false and concocted; (e) When we sent queries to different departments through more than 100 RTIs, it was proved from their replies that policemen are extremely cruel, liars and mean; (f) In reply to every accusation of police, we have records of separate departments which any sincere and expert person can see and verify and after examining all documents and replies etc, which we have received, they will be greatly surprised to find how day has been turned into night and how white has been turned into black. We are locked up simply for nothing. We feel as if we are buried alive here and we are feeling choked. Please help us for God’s sake.

We are:     

Maulana Naseem s/o Firozuddin
Shakeel Ahmad s/o Nazeer Ahmad
Muhammad Aziz s/o Muhammad Bashir
Dr Irfan s/o Aslam Khan

Naini Central Jail, Allahabad - 8 Nov. 2013  
(Translated from Urdu by MG staff)

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 December 2013 on page no. 1

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