Tarun Tejpal’s Sexual Misadventure

Sexual harassment at a workplace by the CEO or a high-ranking individual is not a big deal but when it involves a person who espouses the very cause through his magazine for which he’s now disgraced, it is indeed an irony.

Tarun Tejpal’s sexual misconduct is all the more glaring because he’s associated with the media and has always revealed other people’s sexual and other misdemeanours through his highly questionable sting operations. Now he’s guilty for the same offence. What’s more disturbing is the involvement of an active mediaman.

In these times of rampant sexual crimes and misadventures, media’s role as a crusader is very much required and desirable. If someone from this field does something of sexual nature, it shakes our faith in that very sphere and institution.

Tejpal misused his position and trivialised media ethics by indulging in an act that calls for severe condemnation from all quarters. Now the main question is: This news has come out and caught Tejpal unawares. Doesn’t it stand to reason to believe that it couldn’t be an isolated episode and many such instances may be happening without the public getting to know about them?

It’s really a matter of concern because it puts a question mark on the safety and modesty of a woman. Is she really safe and secure anywhere? Many cases of sexual harassment go unnoticed because women deliberately don’t report to police for fear of social backlash. The Czech-British social psychologist Dittmar Reynolds observed that “Workplace sexual harassment when becomes public, it indeed carries such prior murky attempts. It’s seldom the first one at the organization and by the perpetrator.” Going by this observation, it makes one think whether Tejpal did it for the first time and “unfortunately” he got caught? One thing is as sure as the rising of the Sun in the east that sexual exploitation by the bosses is quite common and this has increased of late because of changing social and sexual ethos.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 December 2013 on page no. 2

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