Plight of Muslim riot victims


Imtihaan lay magar, yeh toh bata
Is imtihaan ki intiha kahaan?

(Test me but tell me at least / When the ordeal will end at last?). I'm reminded of this Urdu couplet by Moin Hasan 'Jazbi' in the context of Muslim children putting up at riot relief camps who're dying of bone-piercing cold of north India. The unbearable cold has already claimed the lives of at least 40 children. First, it was the scourge of riots and now it's the cold to grapple with.

This is too much. Every time, Muslims have to bear the brunt. Otherwise also, the riot relief camps are always in shambles. It's indeed a matter of pity and shame that even after 66 years of independence, the Government of India's riot relief management still leaves a lot to be desired. According to 'The Times', 1993, 'The post riot conditions in India have claimed more lives than caused by riots.' This is a flagrant, nay shameful, reality. Moreover, Muslims being at the receiving end in almost all riots since 1947, they're the victims who lost lives and properties and found themselves in the riot camps to suffer further, thanks to governmental apathy and inclement weather. Not much has been done in this regard to ameliorate the hellish existence of riot-affected Muslims in the camps.

Delhi's CM Sheila Dixit, wearing two-three sweaters and shawl, was busy in election campaigning and Aam Aadmi's 'messiah' Kejriwal has his own agenda.

People like Mulayam and his son are simply useless and expecting their intervention and help is akin to extracting water from a stone slab.

Who should these poor Muslims go to? Had Allama Iqbal been alive, he'd again ask Allah, 'Rahmatein hain teri aghiyaar kay kaashanon pe / Barq girti hai toh bechaaray Musalmaanon pe' ('You've forever bestowed your grace upon others/ The blitzkrieg has always befallen Muslims', From Dr Muhammad Iqbal's 'Shikwa': Complaint).

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2013 on page no. 2

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