Flagrant Humiliation of Yasin Malik


The (unfortunate) news is that J&K leader Yasin Malik, his wife and their 18-month old daughter were thrown out of a Delhi hotel near Nizamuddin around midnight. This happened on Sunday, December 1.

I'm simply groping for words to define this inhuman incident. How can a person, who's not a criminal, be ousted at an unworthy hour and on a wintry night in Delhi, or for that matter, anywhere? The man was with a baby and his wife.

If Yasin was to be booted out, why on earth was he allowed to book two rooms in the hotel? The manager could have said no to him at the time of booking.

If Kashmiris think that they indeed don't belong to India, they're not wrong or unpatriotic. The treatment meted out to them speaks for itself.

Agreed, Pundits, who had a legitimate domicile status, were driven out of the Valley but that exodus (of Pundits) took place because of growing militancy and in circumstances which are yet to be properly probed.

Yasin Malik is not a militant. He's an activist. I'm sure, this incident will further widen the gap between the Kashmiris and the rest of India.

Has the Government tendered an apology on this issue? Has the CM of Delhi, Sheila Dixit, done anything in this regard? This episode can be likened to the deplorable situation of South Africa and the US where apartheid existed in its worst and most inhuman form.

What happened to Yasin is no less than apartheid. It's social apartheid and racial discrimination because of his ethnic identity of being a Kashmiri Muslim. It's condemnable.

"When a handful of citizens of a country are discriminated against by the majority, it shows the majority mindset of that country in a negative manner and it's not a healthy sign," Minoo Masani observed this long ago. It sure is an unhealthy sign.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2013 on page no. 2

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