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India Islamic Cultural Centre needs people like ADG MW Ansari


Mohammad Wazir Ansari, IPS, 1984 batch officer and an alumni of Aligarh Muslim University (Aligarh), is the front-runner in the India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi (IICC) elections where voting will be held tomorrow..

Contesting for Board of Trustees, he is also member of AMU Old Boys Association Aligarh (Parent Body), member of AMU Old Boys Delhi Chapter, Founder and Life member of AMU Association MP and Chhattisgarh, Member of AMU Court at present. Besides, he has held and served almost all important post in Police Department and earned letters/certificates acclaimed from Govt. as well as from public. Presently he is Secretary, Maulana Azad Education Foundation (Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India).

He is very sharp and mentally alert, physically strong , enthusiastic and energetic officer with very strong will power and determination, and ready to accomplish in adverse situation and circumstances. And He is always ready to take any challenge whatsoever comes. He is committed to serve the community at large and the nation, the best. He is a man of integrity and his credential is impeccable, bearing high moral character. He is a humanist and pious by nature endowed with socially admirable qualities. M. W. Ansari, IPS, imbibed with National Spirit, is always ready to help and serve the needy as well as the downtrodden.

“I have decided to be a part of this new and fresh body to take forward the IICC to the zenith of success with a new vision and innovative ideas. Our motto is to make this centre a Centre of Excellence for everybody,” said Ansari, who is founder and life member of many educational institutions/Societies. Also, he has played a pivotal role in preventing communal conflict, caste conflict and other communal violence during his tenure.

In a letter written to IICC members, he appealed: “Let we all welcome this New Year 2014 with a new hope, passions and best opportunities for India Islamic Culture Centre (IICC), Lodhi Road, New Delhi.  We must think and act for making this centre a mammoth and magnificent Institution.  Our soul aim should be to take IICC to new zenith of success. In order to succeed, we must rise above emotional and personal consideration. Our core values of excellence, honesty, hard work, teamwork and commitment will help us to achieve the desired goal.  We have to stand united for materialising our dream.  Sincere effort and honesty will motivate us to venture towards success, glory and achievements.  Our quest for excellence should never cease.”

Here is how he lays down his vision as to how to make IICC a centre of excellence:

•Providing healthy discussion, deliberation on relevant and important issues related to the community and to take up the same to the appropriate authorities for suitable solution.

•Forming a pressure group to negotiate with the governments to ensure equitable and proportionate representations of minorities in different institutions of the government especially parliament and legislature.

•Focussing on socio-economic and educational problems of the minorities for their amicable solutions by the respective governments at the centre as well the state levels.

•Motivating the young generation for academic pursuit, carrier building and preparing for competitive life to face new challenges.

•Knowledge Bank by organizing quality programmes and creating a digital world class library.

•Providing opportunities to young generation for opting best career by creating a placement centre.

•Development of creative thinking, constructive ideas and scientific temperament.

•Encouragement of humanistic approach and values and sense of togetherness amongst the world society.

•Encouraging research work on cultural traditions and historical events for promoting positive feeling in the world community.

•Sensitization of the human society to work for human welfare, individual rights, justice to the victims of tyrant and cruel, equality and prosperity to all human beings and especially National Minorities.

•Creating healthy environment for inter-faith dialogue among different communities for development of understanding for peaceful co-existence.  

•Institution of an Award to be given to the saviors of democratic and secular values of this country.

•Organising seminar, symposium, debate, and interaction programmes of the intellectuals and scholars of international repute.

•Holding conclave for preparing young leadership to lead the country with global vision and complete understanding of national & international issues.

•Creating awareness in the society to educate girls, the 50% population of our country to take this country at par with the advanced country. At present we are wasting our 50% human resources by depriving them from the active participation in the nation building.

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