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UPA government not sincere about the progress of the Muslim minority

New Delhi: During the discussion on Union budget for 2011-12 in Parliament where Congress and other Alliance members welcomed the budget allocated for minorities, opposition members described it insufficient for their education and progress in other fields. BJP member Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said while speaking in this connection that all round progress of minorities has been shown in official statistics only whereas ground realities tell a different story. He accused the government of not being serious about the progress of minorities and is preventing them from joining the mainstream. About the so-called Haj subsidy he said that it is in fact being used by Air India to make up its losses.

He said that the air fare from Delhi to London, a distance of about 5600 miles is between Rs. 32000 to 35000 and asked why the fare from Delhi to Jeddah the distance between which is almost half at 2800 miles is around Rs. 40,000 as charged from Haj pilgrims? He further said that the secular factory of Congress has put the stamp of ‘made in Al Qaeda’ on the beard and cap of every Muslim. He also said that during the past six years thousands of innocent Muslims have been dubbed terrorists and put in jails who subsequently were found to be innocent. He said that the government has not given any compensations to innocent persons who were subjected to harsh treatment during their life in jail but it can at least apologise for it which it did not even do this. He demanded that in addition to apologising, the government should try to provide the innocent youths employment opportunities on preferential or priority basis.

About the 15-point programmes for the minorities he said that tall claims are made but the main and important thing is government’s sincere intensions and actual results, for example, 15 ministers from the minority communities have been shown but out of this only two are Muslims. There are three more but they are on deputation (sic) and all others are Christians. Again, government has allocated Rs. 2850 crore for the welfare and progress of this minority of 20 crores which gives a per capita figure of less than Rs. 140 per annum but it is difficult to say how much of even this will finally reach them. He said that there are too many tall claims but the reality is that practically nothing is seen or felt.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 April 2011 on page no. 18

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