Captivating book about the life of Prophet Muhammad

BooK Muhammad The Prophet for All
Author: Syed Hamid Mohsin
Pages: 435
Publisher: Salaam Centre, Bangalore

Erum Altaf

In a time when some evil-minded people are indulging in spreading misconceptions about Islam and maligning the character of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (peace be upon him) lots of people are coming under the shadow (guidance) of Islam after knowing the truth about the life of Prophet Muhammad. Books highlighting the real life and true message of the Prophet are playing a great role in removing misconceptions planted by enemies of Islam. The book “Follow Me, God Will Love You” is one such book that not only removes misconceptions about Prophet Muhammad but also appeals to the people of this age - in a scientific and logical not rhetoric language - to accept the reality about the message and achievements of the Prophet for the Mankind.

The book written by Syed Hamid Mohsin starts with a captivating and thought-provoking line from Holy Qur’an: “O Prophet, If You Love God, Follow me, God will love you.”

As the chapter begins, the reader feels spiritually charged and when he finishes reading he feels spiritually satisfied.

The entire episodic exposition makes us ponder over whether we are really following Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or merely we are complaining to God for not bestowing His blessings on us. As we need some support to reach the top, we need to follow Muhammad (pbuh) to win God’s love.

In fact, the character assassination of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by writers, cartoonists, filmmakers and novelists in the West for centuries forced millions of people across the world particularly in Europe and US to search the real story of Prophet Muhammad. Their mischievous propaganda backfired - it attracted people to the Prophet rather than detracting them from the message of Islam. And ultimately thousands and thousands of people became followers and lovers of the Prophet after knowing the real story about him.

One of the major allegations levelled against Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is about his multiple marriages, particularly his marriage with Aisha. Interestingly, a majority of the converts to Islam are women.

Yvonne Ridley, the British journalist, Lauren-Booth, the sister-in-law of Tony Blair, Fabian the French super-model etc. are to name a few. For female readers this book is more interesting because many misconceptions about the issues and status of women in Islam like polygamy, veil, divorce etc. have been rationally discussed here.

The great menaces of modern era like terrorism, racism, war, corruption, greed, wine and gambling etc. have also been dealt with in the light of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

How human values like human rights, freedom of expression, promotion of knowledge, service to Mankind, religious pluralism, nobleness, tolerance, ethics, morality, equality of Mankind, status of women, encouragement of youths were promoted by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) have been discussed in this book.

The modern world owes such values to the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to a great extent. The book discusses how these values were promoted by Prophet Muhammad in a time when European nations were living in Dark Ages and at that time they could not even imagine and understand such human values.

Apart from a successful effort to remove misconceptions, the book also presents the life of the Prophet in modern day framework. Prophet Muhammad was not only a religious guide and spiritual leader, he was also a human rights activist, social scientist, environmentalist, city planner, statesman, constitutional expert, military strategist, diplomat, policy maker, peace maker etc.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) presented the first written constitution of a state in human history. “After his migration to Medina, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) laid the foundation of a city-state and promulgated a state constitution. This represents the first written constitution of state in history. It contains details of the rights and duties of all citizens of the Islamic state, including Muslims, Jews, Christians, and pagan Arabs,” writes author Hamid Mohsin. This constitution is popularly called “Constitution of Madina”.

In the city of Madina, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) created a model city where the first university “Al-Suffah” was established. In Madina, Prophet (pbuh) “ordered that a census of the population of the city be undertaken” and introduced a system of municipal administration which was named “Baladia,” a derivative of ‘Balad’ (city) in Arabic. “Baladia” was to look after the maintenance of the city. There was four lane-road and a water-supply system. Prophet (pbuh) advised his followers not to tear down the old forts and walls, likewise not to cut trees while building their houses. He also warned against misusing water even on the banks of a river. The Prophet (pbuh) established guest houses and hospitals. Above all, he suggested treatment by specialists.

He developed markets, regulated prices of goods, prohibited hoarding, and banned wine, gambling and prostitution. To make trade and commerce secure, he introduced writing agreements. Thus was the concept of social and civil life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) came at the threshold of the international era. He inspired his secretary Zaid ibnThabit to learn Hebrew, a foreign language for the people of Arabia. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) “was the pioneer in introducing international laws. During his period, a system of foreign exchange developed. Later, Muslim rulers introduced “Sakk” (a promissory note for international trade). The Arabic word “Sakk” later became “Cheque”.

Literally, the title of the book indicates the divine messages to those who search for God’s mercy while believing that their “Creator” cares for whoever cares and follows the path showed by His beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) — that path which only leads to success, success in this world as well as the Hereafter.

Mr. Hamid Mohsin, through this splendid work, has served the contemporary world by helping readers to the light of guidance, the guidance of Mohammad  (pbuh) who showed us the attainable beauty of true religion and presented a direct transcription for daily life.

The framework of “Follow Me, God Will Love You” is totally realistic. Language is so simple that the modern reader finds no difficulty in reading and grasping the whole book. Definitely, it will attract the modern mind which craves for realism. It is complete, comprehensive and all inclusive. The reader who is searching for a good read, will find in “Follow Me, God Will Love You” ‘ his guide to the truth of life!

The best thing about the book is that its language is lucid and you don’t have to be a scholar to grasp it.

If you know nothing about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), by the time you are done reading through the book, taking in all the anecdotes and lessons from them, you realise why the book is named “Follow Me”. Because you actually know how perfect the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is and by following him, why God will love us. Even for those who have no knowledge of Islam, the book opens the world of Islam to them.

From Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) personal life to the issues and doubts around concepts like Jihad and Hijab, everything has been touched upon in this book which has been written in a very contemporary style and is very appealing to the people of this age who have a rational and scientific approach to life. It’s a unique attempt to look into the life of Prophet Muhammad in the perspective of the solutions of the problems being faced by Mankind in this modern age and at this crucial time the book ‘Follow Me, God Will Love You’ proves a milestone.

The reviewer is assistant professor of English at a
college in Siwan, Bihar

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