Whose Money Is This?

Shankar Rai, a Congress leader from Telangana, intends to install a nine-foot bronze statue of party president Sonia Gandhi depicting her as Telangana Talli or Mother Telangana. This is the nadir of apple-polishing. I’m sure, even Sonia cringes with acute embarrassment.
This numskull doesn’t understand that this move to form a new state (Telangana) is an astute political strategy of Congress to woo the people of Telangana at the ensuing hustings.
Sycophancy is a universal trait but Indians seem to be particularly afflicted with this malady. They’ve broken all records of fawning. The whole country is full of statues of political bigwigs or erstwhile raja-maharajas. Modi is installing Vallabhbhai Patel’s gigantic statue. Shiv Saianiks are erecting Shivaji’s enormous statue in Arabian Sea. Dalits are building temples for their Baba Sahab Ambedkar. What’s going on? Whose money is this? Can’t we think rationally and apply our brains?
This tendency of deification and genuflection must be stopped and there shouldn’t be any statue of any leader at a public place. There’re so many ways to show one’s respect to an icon than this naked display of grovelling veneration. The Supreme Court has enough time to put aspersions on pre-marital and gay sex but it has no time to stop or condemn statue-installing spree of people, nay toadies.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 January 2014 on page no. 2

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