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Rajasthan Waqf Board to build hostel for Muslim girls

Jaipur: President of Rajasthan Muslim Waqf Board, Liaqat Ali Khan while addressing a meeting of women at Rajasthan Muslims Education Society’s premises said that the Board will build a hostel for Muslim girls who are acquiring education. He said that examples of successful people only are given in our society. Therefore women also should achieve success through education. He advised men not to impose their will and likes and dislikes on their children but let them choose what they want to do, be it education, career or future. General secretary of the Society, Mehrun Nisa Khan said while speaking on this occasion that it is the duty of men to let Muslim women step out of their houses because now times are changing very fast.

President of the Society, Mrs. Zahira Shamim said that she has been teaching girls for about 25 years and also playing an important role in politics. Society’s vice president Yasmin Farooqi said that the time has now come when Muslim ladies should be provided opportunities to move forward. Another speaker, Dr. Azim Baig, former president of AMU Students Union said while speaking on this occasion that Islam does not prohibit women from acquiring education and work outside. What is needed is that women should realise their position and importance and acquire maximum technical and higher education.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 April 2011 on page no. 19

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