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Forty-three years of Maktaba Jamia’s Aligarh branch

Aligarh: Aligarh Branch of Maktaba Jamia has completed 43 years of its existence. On this occasion intellectuals of Aligarh who had assembled at a meeting held in Maktaba’s premises acknowledged the valuable services rendered by this institution and praised its Mg Director Prof. Khalid Mahmood and Branch’s manager, Muhammad Sabir for efficiently handling its affairs. General impression of the people about this branch now is that these days Maktaba is on the rise and has become the first choice of students and teachers. According to the manager, because of the personal and special attention of Jamia Millia Islamia’s Vice Chancellor, Najib Jung, Maktaba Jamia which was at one time in doldrums has now again become very dynamic and is thriving.

Dr. Qamarul Hoda Faridi of AMU’s Department of Urdu while expressing these views said that serious attention is now being paid on republication of books and requirements of the press. A permanent building has been allotted by Jamia’s VC for Maktaba’s Head Office inside the Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) complex and the standard of Maktaba’s magazines Kitab Numa and Payam Ta’leem has improved a lot. Dr. Shahabuddin Saadiq, another teacher of AMU’s Urdu Deptt. praised the services of its manager Muhammad Sabir in the presence of dignitaries like Professors Khurshid Ahmad, Zafar Ahmad Siddiqi, Tariq Chhatari, Dr. Aslam Jamshedpuri and others who also appreciated Maktaba’s services and congratulated its responsible authorities.

The Branch Manager Muhammad Saabir said while speaking on this occasion that in addition to Maktaba Jamia’s publications, those of Darul Musannifeen Azamragh, NCPUL (Delhi) as well as academic, literary, Tibbi, religious, scientific and syllabus books etc are also sold in this branch and that it has the cooperation and support of many literary and academic institutions. He especially thanked JMI-VC Najib Jung and Maktaba’s M.D., Prof. Khalid Mahmood under whose leadership this branch is progressing fast.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 April 2011 on page no. 19

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