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26/11 should be probed again, demands SM Mushrif

By Azam Shahab

Mumbai: SM Mushrif, author of the celebrated book Who Killed Karkare? which exposed the real face of terrorism in India, said while speaking at the release of his new path-breaking book, 26/11 Probe: why judiciary also failed, that the 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai should be probed again because court has been misled.

Former Admiral Vishnu Bhagawat, Income Tax Commissioner Subhash Chand Ram, social activists P. S. Mane and Sachin Godambe participated in the book release here at the Press Club on 14 January.

Mushrif said his new book is the second stage of his earlier book. He said, In the first book, I had analysed 26/11 in the light of evidences and reached the conclusion that the said attack was preplanned, that IB had prior knowledge of the plan, and that in a parallel operation, ATS chief Hemant Karkare was killed. He said, based on the fears I had expressed in my first book, a PIL was filed in the Mumbai High Court in 2010 asking for a re-probe. The court, accordingly, sent a notice to the Central and Maharashtra state governments as well as to Mumbai Police and ATS asking for certain clarifications, but despite the passage of three years, there is no reply from any side. He said, I meticulously studied the government's stand in the court and reports published in the media and came to the conclusion that the government and investigation agencies have covered up the real facts and have misled the court by manufactured stories. I have claimed in my book that 26/11 was a pre-planned attack in which IB and Abhinav Bharat were involved, and I have demanded a re-probe of the 26/11 attack.

Former Admiral Bhagwat said that all are equal in the eyes of the law and every government agency is duty-bound to uphold law. But it is painful to see how IB and other agencies play with law to protect their interests. He said, the way IB is functioning is not protected by our law or Constitution. I can say, based on my own experience, that IB can turn any truth into a lie and any lie into a truth. All this game is played in the name of "national security" while these agencies are playing with the country's security. He quoted former chief justice Bilal as saying that no state witnesses the kind of illegal activities and illegal murders that take place in Maharashtra.

Income Tax Commissioner Subhash Chandr Ram said that he has read Who Killed Karkare? and has concluded that through that book Mushrif has exposed IB's games. He said, IB is an important agency but its activities are against national integration. He said no religion is in itself bad but some people are trying to divide this country on the basis of religion.

Replying to questions of mediapersons, Mushrif said that I have proved in this book on the basis of media reports and facts presented in the court that 26/11 was a pre-planned attack in which IB and Abhinav Bharat people were directly involved. Despite having prior knowledge of the attack, the IB did not stop it because they wanted to use the attack to kill Hemant Karkare who had uncovered the terrorist face of Abhinav Bharat and this organisation had decided in one of its meetings to eliminate all obstacles in its face. Therefore, Karkare was killed.

The book release function was attended by a large number of print and electronic media reporters but there was a complete blackout next day on the news of this book release. Some powers which had prevented Who Killed Karkare? from becoming a media issue, had stepped in this time also to prevent people from knowing about this new book.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 February 2014 on page no. 13

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