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United Muslim Organisation meets at Aligarh

Aligarh: The next session of Parliament will be the last session of the current Lok Sabah and that will be the last opportunity for UPA to rectify some of its mistakes, observed the General Secretary of United Muslim Organisation (UMO) Dr. Shakeel Samdani while presiding over the meeting of various social, educational and milli organisations at the headquarter of Sir Syed Awareness Forum here on 22 January. He said if the Congress Party manages to pass the Communal Violence Bill and Wakf Eviction Bill, then that will not only be beneficial for Dalits, Muslims and the weaker sections of the society but also for Congress. He said that if the parliament passes Women Bill relating to the reservation of seats in parliament and legislatures without a separate quota for minorities, SC, ST and backward classes, it will be considered as a conspiracy by Congress Party and BJP to further reduce the number of Muslims MPs in Lok Sabah and Vidhan Sabahs.

He further said that all efforts should be made by secular forces to prevent fascist and communal forces to grab power at Centre.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 February 2014 on page no. 13

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