Courageous Daughter of Courageous Father

In the last few days Mrs Parveen Amanullah, minister for social welfare for three years in the Nitish Kumar-led Janata Dal (United) government in Bihar left her position in the Bihar government and Janata Dal (U) party and joined the Aam Admi Party.   Mrs Amanullah, whose husband is an IAS officer and deputy secretary in the government of India, was a long-time RTI activist before she joined the Nitish Kumar government about four years ago.

In leaving her prestigious Bihar government minister position Mrs Parveen has demonstrated not only courage but also dedication to the grassroots concerns of the aam aadmi and the future of the nation.  She is now the highest-ranking political leader from any party to join AAP.  Also she is an individual with the highest-ranking position in society, a  woman and a minority person to join the AAP cause.  

Indeed in  taking this step Parveen, at the relatively young age of 55 for a politician, has demonstrated extraordinary courage, vision and conviction. She has made this sacrifice in order to serve the basic issues of common Indians, that is removing corruption, lawlessness and injustice that are eating at the guts of the nation.  In the runup to the upcoming election she will undoubtedly be one of the top leaders of AAP in its nationwide campaign.  Her political acumen and experience gained from being a minister in Bihar for three years and the strategic political vision that comes with it, will be much sought after by AAP.  She will become a top symbol of women and religious/ethnic minorities efforts to rebuild India and fulfill the vision of AAP.

Now it is interesting that Mrs Amanullah is the daughter of renowned Indian Muslim leader Syed Shahabuddin.  Syed Shahabuddin who was an IFS officer and India’s ambassador to Algeria too gave up that prestigious position in 1978 to join the then Janata Party when he was younger than 50.  He did that to pursue the causes of the deprived people of India, especially the minorities and to bring justice for them.  Soon after Shahabuddin   joined politics he became the leading voice for justice and fairplay for the deprived Indians.  In due course of time as India’s secular fabric was badly strained with BJP creating a schism in the country by creating extreme tension between majority Hindus  and minority Muslims, he stood like a rock to protect secular India.

Indeed in 35 years since Shahabuddin gave up his prestigious ambassador position to work for justice for the common man, he never looked back, even though the forces of communalism and big money targeted him vehemently and did their best to portray him as lacking in patriotism and a sectarian individual.  Time proved him right and today the AAP has picked up the same thread, the welfare and sufferings of the common man.

Parveen Amanullah comes on the national stage now with some of the best genes derived from her illustrious father.  Like her father, Parveen too will soon be a pathbreaker, championing the causes of the deprived Indians and fighting for justice for them. The nation has much expectation from her to turn the tide of the polity and evolve the country in the right direction.

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This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2014 on page no. 1

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