Muslims hit hard by myths

“Reaction is always a sign of frustration and desperation,” Herbert Henry Asquith (1852-1928) rightly observed. Ever since my review of S M Mushrif’s book 26/11 Probe appeared on various portals along with my e-mail ID, I’ve been receiving hate mails from Hindu reactionaries who’re under the impression that despite my name being Sumit Paul, I’m surreptitiously working for Muslims.

Since I was the first reviewer of S M Mushrif’s book Who Killed Karkare (2009), which was carried in Pune Mirror, Hindus think that I’ve a hidden agenda. I don’t want to argue with the mutton-headed zealots. I’m with and for truth. Never in my life, have I been drawn to any faith whatsoever and never believed in any religion. The book on 26/11 probe is an honest attempt to ascertain truth by an upright former top-cop.

Many crucial links of that fateful night are missing. Where have they gone? Who destroyed them? These are the uncomfortable questions that are bound to crop up on the mind of any rational person, regardless of his/her faith or no faith. If both the books have advanced outlandish and bizarre theories then why government or IB has kept mum? Why there’s no attempt from the government and IB to refute what Mr Mushrif has stated and a reviewer like me felt? Because somewhere deep down, the government knows that the theories propounded by Mushrif are incontrovertible. At times, silence is the best option to evade an impending crisis. Government is silent because it’s waiting for this crisis to blow over. There’s a Bengali proverb that when you try to dig out earthworms, snakes often come out. IB and the government don’t want the snakes and skeletons to come and tumble out.

Let them be in their burrows and cupboards. Truth is always very disconcerting and why most of us fear truth is because it detonates many a myth. Gujarat riots ensued after a well-crafted myth by Hindus that the Muslim miscreants gutted an entire coach of Sabarmati Express roasting 56 Hindu karsevaks. This myth still persists, despite Banerjee commission’s report that the coach was not incinerated by Muslims at Godhra station. But this myth was a MUST for Modi and Gujarati Hindus to go berserk and slaughter the innocent Muslims. Without it, no riots could have taken place in Gujarat.

Likewise, many myths were concocted and established revolving around 26/11 to find an alibi to condemn an entire community till Doomsday. This is a proven political strategy and not just Hindus but all majority governments and existing powers all over the world and in all ages, resorted to this making and manipulation of myths. Muslims in India have been hit hard by myths, concocted by majority people, politicians and security agencies. It’s time to think beyond petty sectarianism and hardcore religiosity with a sense of righteous chutzpah that at any cost, truth must come out and myths be entombed forever.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2014 on page no. 11

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