Indian MP: Israel a danger to world peace and security

Surprising that the whole world is watching the naked barbarism of Israel. Arab and Muslim countries should promote unity among themselves, learn a lesson from what is happening and adopt a better strategy to face the Zionist threat.

New Delhi: All India Talimi wa Milli Foundation President and MP, Maulana Asrarul Haque Qasmi, strongly condemned the Israeli attack on the flotilla carrying thousands of tonnes of humanitarian aid for Gaza. Describing the Israeli attack as an open act of enmity towards humanity, he said it appears that Israel is bent upon destroying humanity and wants to inflict loss of life and property on Mankind on a massive scale. Referring to the large-scale Israeli brutality since long, he said that more than half a century of Israel’s brutality against the Palestinians has elapsed but so for there has been no let-up in its barbarism or the resistance by the victims. During the past ten years Israeli brutalities on the poor people of Gaza have crossed all limits. Repeated attacks and storming of Gaza by Israeli forces gives the impression that either it wants to decimate the people of Gaza by use of aggressive force or through blockade by preventing the supply of food and other essentials it wants to compel them to die a lingering death. According to available reports, during the past one decade Israel has fired thousands of rockets on Gaza and has laid siege around it many times. Last year the ferocity with which Israel had enforced the blockade on Gaza had paralysed the life of its people. Expressing his concern, Maulana Qasmi said it is surprising that the whole world is watching the naked barbarism of Israel, international human rights organisations are all fully aware of the heart-rending massacre of the innocent people of Gaza by Israel but inspite of all this, no steps are being taken to stop Israel’s cruelties. United Nations, which should have played an important and effective role in this matter, is a silent spectator. America, France and big powers of the world which are never tired of talking about peace and human rights are not showing any interest in helping the oppressed people of Gaza. Rather, by helping Israel in different ways, they are making the brute more strong and oppressive. Human rights organisations which are in the fore-front in such matters are silent. He asked how long this dance of death and destruction by Israel will continue, adding that if that country is allowed to do what it is doing and it is not reined in, it will become a danger for the peace and safety of the whole world and its barbarism will not only be confined to Palestine, Syria and Lebanon but will make a large part of the world the target of its brutalities. He said that in order to protect the world from Israeli bestiality it is essential that effective and concrete steps are taken without delay against that country. United Nations and other developed and powerful countries can play an important role in this. He called upon Arab and Muslim countries to promote unity among themselves, learn a lesson from what is happening and adopt a better strategy to face the Zionist threat. 

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 June 2010 on page no. 7

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