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  • India-Israel love irks Aiyar

    With India and Israel deeply in love, the fate of the Palestinians goes down the drains. Mani Shankar Aiyar has slammed his party and the UPA for turning cold shoulder towards the plight of the Palestinians. The Rajya Sabha MP while speaking at a ...

  • No restriction on Muslims practising Yoga

    Maulana Umair Ilyasi, president of All India Masjid Imams Organisation said in a statement at Delhi that there are misconceptions among Muslims about Yoga that it is not for Muslims.

  • Muslims outcaste in Uncommon CWG

    The hoopla behind Commonwealth Games is over. The crux of the long marathon appears to be an amalgamation of joy and sorrow. Muslims who are approximately 16 crore got only two and a half medals out of 101. Is there any dearth of talented Muslim s...

  • Obituaries

    Maulana Mufti MUHAMMAD SHOAIB ISLAHI, famous religious scholar, former Head Master of Madrasatul Islah and founder of more than 250 maktabs and madrasas in and around Azamgarh died of heart attack on 26 September at Muscat airport on his wa...

  • Omar Khalidi dies in an accident, community at a great loss

    Eminent Indian Muslim scholar, Dr. Omar Khalidi passed away in an accident in Boston (USA) on November 29. Inna-lillah- e-wa-inna- elai-hey- rajeoon (Verily we are from God and onto Him is our final journey). May God grant him maghferat and streng...

  • Muhammad Isa ANWAR — 8 year old sports genius

    Eight-year-old MUHAMMAD ISA ANWAR, a 4th standard student of St Marks Sr Sec School, Janakpuri (Delhi) appears to be a sports genius. At this young age he has already appeared in many state-level gymnastic tournaments. At the tender age of 4 on...

  • Obituaries

    Dr WAZIR AGHA, renowned poet, critic and litterateur of world fame died in Lahore on 8 September at the age of 88 years. Born in Wazirkot village of Sargodha of Pakistan in May 1922, he wrote more or less 60 books and was honoured by Pakist...

  • Awards for Reyaz, Ammar, Farrukh, Mahboob, Anwar, Prabhat, Najm, Jalal

    Dr REYAZ AHMAD, a lecturer in AMU’s Department of Zoology and Dr AMMAR Ibn ANWAR, lecturer in AMU’s Department of Health of Faculty of Unani Medicine have been honoured with Shiksha Ratn Award by India International Friendship Socie...

  • Newsmakers

    MUHAMMAD ANWAR SIDDIQI has been appointed Additional Judge of Madhya Pradesh High Court by the President of India. In addition to him, Mrs VIMLA JAIN has also been appointed Additional Judge of MP High Court by the President. The appointmen...

  • 5 Muslim out of 100 govt school teachers selected for awards

    New Delhi: Municipal Corporation of Delhi has selected 100 teachers of its schools which include principals, assistant teachers, nursery teachers etc for being honoured with awards on Teachers Day on 5 September for their hard and sincere teach...

  • Mufti Abdul Qayyum of Aligarh

    Aligarh: Mufti Abdul Qayyum (born 1913), the “Mufti-i-Azam” of Aligarh, passed away at his home in Mohalla “Ooper Kot” here in the wee hours of 11 September, i.e., Idul Fitr. His burial was the most crowded funeral that ...

  • Occupied mosque recovered after 60 yrs

    For the first time in Punjab’s history a house built at the site of a demolished mosque has been demolished

  • Government’s insensitivity in Khalid Mujahid & Tariq cases

    Kheta Sarai: Khalid Mujahid and Tariq Qasmi were arrested in broad day light in December 2007 on the charge of terrorism and an enquiry commission, after on-the-spot enquiry, found that these two persons were innocent and that police had no pro...

  • Law regarding adoption is against Shariat: JIH

    Islamic Shariat does not give either man or woman the right of adoption and an adopted child has no legal rights like blood relations.

  • Sanskrit translation of Holy Qur’an

    It more than 12 years to complete this work.

  • Free personality development classes for minorities

    Ability to express effectively & convincingly increases your chance of being successful

  • Free personality development classes for minorities

    Ability to express effectively & convincingly increases your chance of being successful

  • Muslims love the country, not worship it

    Maulana Rabey calls Muslims to protect humanity and promote humanism

  • JIH launched videoportal:

    Media should be used positively to propagate good moral values

  • Inauguration of Muslim Cooperative Bank’s branch in Sholapur

    On this occasion Sushil Kumar Shinde gave a cheque of Rs 1 crore to Bank Director (Staff)