Special Reports

  • How an inmate tried to change the lives of Tihar Jail prisoners

    With over 70 percent of the jailed population being under-trials — technically innocent yet languishing — what can be done to lessen their trauma and pain?

  • Taj Mahal’s Spiritual Message

    Taj Mahal is known all over the world for its singular beauty and as a symbol of ardent love. But, the third aspect of its celestial revelatory panorama remains mostly obscure from the public cognizance.  On the gigantic doubl...

  • 'Aap mujhe Farsi sikhayenge?' said Tom Alter

    This disarmingly humble request from an equally unassuming actor still reverberates in my memory. This came from none other than Tom Alter, who just shuffled off the mortal coil. I vividly remember our first meeting at Film Archives in Poona wa...

  • Kerala High Court invalidates marriage of Muslim convert girl in the absence of parents, orders police to take her to her parents

    In an appalling ruling that took the state by surprise, the Division Bench of Kerala High Court has invalidated the marriage of a Muslim couple on the ground that the bride’s parents were not present at their marriage.

  • Ram Puniyani speaks his mind on the current Indian polity

    INTERVIEW — Communal politics in India is primarily due to the absence of land reforms, absence of a process of secularization and failure to reduce the hold of clergy

  • Aurangzeb’s Rule vs. Present Rule in India

    Aurangzeb’s India was economically more strong and prosperous compared to the contemporary world. The State Aurangzeb received from his father was capable to purchase 55 British pounds for one Indian taka (rupee).

  • Tortured, strapped, ridiculed – story of Kashmiri youth tied to army jeep

    April 13 changed the life of this 27-year-old shawl-weaver forever. As he speaks, one could find his eyes haggard and features livid.

  • Tarek Fatah's Anti-Hindutva, Anti-Israel past and the fatwa of 1 million on his head

    The cat is out of the bag. The All-India Faizan-e-Madina Council has recently announced a “reward” of Rupees 10 lakh to behead Tarek Fatah, an Islamophobic Canadian of Pakistani origin who now frequently appears on Indian News chann...

  • BJP wants power at any cost; Lucknow encounter was fake

    What’s left of our democracy? Gone are the traditional notions of governors being non-partisan. In fact, right from the summer of 2014, when BJP came centre stage, it has been appointing governors with RSS-BJP background.

  • Right-wing student body ABVP activities threaten democracy

    This only suggests that the members of ABVP were directed by higher authorities of their organisation and those associated with them to display such aggressive behaviour.

  • Why did Mountbatten fix August 15 as Independence Day?

    Our politicians were, unfortunately, too self-obsessed with ignorance and vanity. As a consequence, they maintained an ominous silence, resulting in the death of millions and the destruction of massive property. Can history forgive them?

  • Kashmiri Diaspora in UK Urge India-Pak to Be Flexible and Include Kashmiris to Find a Solution

    LONDON (22 January 2017): Claiming that it is the people of the valley who are having to pay the price in the war of ego between India and Pakistan for the last 70 years, Kashmir diaspora form the valley has launched a new organisation Kashmir ...

  • Muslim Organisation welcomes Sikh pilgrims in Patna

    Bihar Anjuman, a leading voluntary organization of Bihar, welcomed Sikh devotees during the 350th Prakashotsav of Guru Gobind Singh in Patna for three days during 2-4 January.

  • Tahaffuz-e Shariat Conference

    New Delhi: A mammoth conference was held here at the Aiwan-e-Ghalib on 3 December. Attended by leading Muslim scholars and intellectuals, it called for the protection of Muslim Personal Laws in India. Speakers said that religious rights of the ...

  • MahaSangram Rally

    New Delhi: A major attempt was made here at the Ram Lila ground on 27 November when Dalits, Muslims and Adivasis came together in a show of unity to press for their rights and demands. Called, “Mahasangram Rally”, it attracted about...

  • March in Nanded for Muslim Reservation

    Nanded: The umbrella organization of  political, social and religious organizations, Muslim Aarakshan Sangharsh Kruti Samiti, organized a mammoth march here calling for Muslim reservation and raising other issues of Marathas, Dalits and fa...

  • National Seminar on Tipu Sultan

    Aligarh: The Sir Syed Awareness Forum organized its 5th National Seminar on ‘Tipu Sultan-A Role Model for the Pluralistic Indian Polity’ here at the University Polytechnic Auditorium on 7 December. The Chief Guest, Qamurul ...

  • Seemanchal International Literary Festival

    Kishanganj: In 1874, Thomas Hardy’s literary masterpiece Far from the Madding Crowd became a pragmatic metaphor. The novel still transcends in multiple forms from critical assessments to movie adaptations. It’s one more contextual a...

  • Special issue of Taha magazine released

    New Delhi, 19 November, 2016: Dr.Zafarul Islam Khan, Chief Editor of The Milli Gazette and former President AIMMM today released at his office in New Delhi the special issue of Hindi Monthly Taha Islamic digest titled “Aksey Sirat Number&...

  • Jamiat Ulama-e Hind calls for unity with Sufis

    It has been decades-long rivalry between the two factions of Sunni Islam, Deobandis and Sufis, but this time a Deobandi organization, the Jamiat Ulama-e Hind (JUH) called for unity with Sufis. On the land of Sufis at Ajmer, on 13 November, JUH ...