• Life under India’s Muslim rulers

    The objective of the book is to remove some of the misgivings about Islamic polity and practices as spread by the critics of Islam and to highlight that though the medieval Indian state was monarchial in nature, there is no dearth of examples to s...

  • Ahmadabad (1411-1817): Environmental Facets of A Medieval Urban Centre

    The book demolishes certain historiographical stereotypes created by communal writings. It gives lie to the view that Indian towns were not urban by urban standards. Ahmadabad presented an example in the socio-economic techniques of progress and t...

  • An extraordinary work on Islam

    Here is a book which brings forth truths not palatable to Sangh Parivar; because it strikes, and strikes them hard, all the false propaganda and myths they have been parading against Islam. Just in 280 pages the author very convincingly discusses ...

  • How India lost 1857 – its First War of Independence

    Shamsul Islam provides many missing links in the history of India’s First War of Independence.

  • A Guide for community empowerment

    A guide aimed at providing information to the change-makers and other development professionals to enhance their skills and to work in a more focused, structured and systematic manner.