Babri Masjid Issue

  • ASI: Hindutva’s handmaiden

    What Justice Sharma was referring to was the ASI’s report of 2003 on Ayodhya of dubious value. What the ASI claimed to be the bases of pillars which held up the alleged temple turned out not to be pillar bases at all. The Siva shrine at a lower le...

  • Babri Verdict unofficially makes India a Hindu State: Azam Khan

    Democracy and the rule of law are said to swim and also sink together. This verdict has devastated the very idea of rule of law. A judgement which constitutes its base is on faith of 900,000 years. In modern India, an India which had sworn itself ...

  • Babri Masjid: Closed door tactics & secret parleys surprise many

    In a secret meeting held at Delhi’s India’s Islamic Cultural Centre religious leaders tried to explore possibilities of an amicable solution to Mosque-Mandir issue. Describing their efforts as discussions and not negotiations the participants deci...

  • Aam Muslim and Babri Masjid: Jaaye to jaaye kahan?

    It was enough for Muslim leaders that the Babri Masjid judgment has not unleashed a wave of violence. Riot is the last thing a Muslim wants to see. So their sigh of relief was almost audible. Alas, that relief proved to be short-lived. By the end ...

  • Deconstructing the 30 Sep. Verdict on Babri Masjid Ayodhya dispute

    Now the prime need of hour is that the learned persons of eminence, more particularly persons conversant in Islamic jurisprudence, need to sit and brain storm to this aspect in order to bring out an Islamic position on the same which would lead to...

  • Communal Conflict & Amicable Settlement

    The hype raised about reaching an out-of-court settlement on Ayodhya issue is disturbing.

  • “Muslim claim would lie even if all Muslim plaintiffs withdraw”

    Mushtaq Ahmed Siddiqui is one of the main figures behind the Babri Masjid case since Feb 1, 1986, when the Babri Masjid locks were opened up. He was present in the Faizabad Court then, and is thus, privy to the most primary nuances to all what ...

  • Hashim Ansari’s efforts to ensure peace in Ayodhya

    Ayodhya: High Court's verdict on Ayodhya dispute has given rise to statements and counter-statements by different people all over the country. Political leaders are adopting different tactics to derive mileage from the dispute and efforts a...

  • Dangers of Ayodhya Verdict: Politics of Ram Temple in Ayodhya

    Archaeological Survey of India said during the Setu Samudram Finding that there is nothing of Ramsetu in Rameshwaram region and that all that was fictitious. How can the same department say that there were signs of the birth of Lord Rama in Ayodhya?

  • A PIL: Mahabali vs. Indian State

    I read the judgment on the Babri Masjid… ooops… the Ramjanmabhoomi issue. I should say that I was thrilled. Since legal bodies of our great modern country have extended their jurisdiction to the unknown past to settle real or imag...

  • A Tale of Two Mosques

    Until more sane voices prevail, groups like RSS and Likud will continue to use religion as a tool of political expediency.

  • Commit a crime, be rewarded: Ayodhya Dispute Verdict

    With this judgment the RSS agenda of dividing the nation along communal lines is being legitimized.

  • India's "Aastha" & faith of a secular democratic nation

    So it is the turn of the highest court of the country – the Supreme Court to make history – decide where does actually stand the Astha of a secular democratic country?

  • Ayodhya & Kashmir

    Communication revolution, ironically, cannot be de-linked from both the issues — Ayodhya and Kashmir — which have been of late in news for a considerable period of time. While both the issues still remain at a long distance far from...

  • Extremism can again mar national unity over Babri

    There could be no place for another mosque in Ayodhya even outside the disputed place

  • The Second Demolition of Babri

    A shameful and shocking judgement

  • Where are our Ulama? We need them to speak up

    It is more than a week that the Babri Masjid verdict has been announced. Zillions of words written and another zillion spoken lamenting injustice Allahabad High Court inflicted on Muslims by a verdict that splits the land and mosque between, Hi...

  • Ajmer Sharif, Jama Masjid was Shiv, Soorya mandir: RSS activist

    New Delhi: "Muslim Rashtriya Manch," an organisation sponsored by RSS, was set up on 24 December 2002, for the development of Muslims but according to Indresh Kumar, the "patron" of Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) and Rashtriya...