• Deadly Headley’s conquest of India

    Noise is being made about America’s reluctance to divulge much about Headley’s activities during the past few years. This Pakistan-born Muslim, son of a Jewish mother, was a much sought after “mole” for American agencies. Aware of his potentials a...

  • Husaini Tigers frustrate enemy plots

    The bulwark of our tigers is to fight against the fake and fraud brand of religious leaders today. They are now in plenty sponsored by BJP, RSS and US. There is a growing US influence on ulama today. We slog for 24 hours a day and still do not mai...

  • Missing explosives: tip of the iceberg

    New Delhi: Mystery behind the missing explosives is becoming more and more alarming day by day with fresh disclosures every single day though the mainstream media as well as the home minister, NSA and NIA have decided to turn a blind eye. From ...

  • We will never accept second class citizenship

    The Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court has grossly overstepped its limits proving what we knew all-along that some people were more equal than others even in the eyes of law in this secular and democratic country. What was de facto until yes...

  • Clean chit for Modi: BJP-Congress deal

    Modi is Congress’ son-in-law

  • Marxists bare their Stalinist fangs

    At one time Comrade Jyoti Basu's cabinet overwhelmingly consisted of Brahmins

  • Hindu sacrificed his child to keep word to Muslim

    People like Master Maan Singh no longer walk our earth.

  • Slave Media, Paid News — Dangerous signs ahead

    One is afraid that soon even our Urdu press will no longer be free and will become His-Masters-Voice. A matter of great shame for the Muslim community.

  • Mr Minister! Jamia is Our Offspring

    More damaging than demolishing historical mosques