• “I offer my seat to Kavita Karkare”: Azam Khan

    Muhammed Azam Khan, is a seven time Member of Legislative Assembly from Rampur, UP, apart from being ex. Member of Rajya Sabha (Upper House) and bears no charge of corruption in his political career of three decades. He is the co-convenor of Babri...

  • BJP governments receive PM’s pat

    New Delhi: Both, Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Narendra Modi, have much to rejoice on their governance which earned them pats from none else but the prime minister himself. This is more creditable in the sense that their performance surpassed that ...

  • Amit Shah adopts aggressive posture

    New Delhi / Ahmadabad: Since "attack is the best form of defense" Amit Shah has dared to attack one and all to get himself rescued from the mire he has been caught into. Shah and his trusted lieutenants in the police have begun accusi...

  • Congress reduced Muslims to drivers, cleaners and scrap dealers: Gadkari

    Holding Congress responsible for Muslim backwardness, BJP president Nitin Gadkari accused the party of reducing Muslims to a community of drivers, cleaners or scrap dealers during its long tenure in office.

  • Communal riots at many places in the country

    Ratlam: Communal riots erupted in Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh) on 3 September night after which curfew was declared in two thanas of the city. On 4 September situation was under control, though tension was still there. Meanwhile police conducted sea...

  • Muslims desert Eidgahs on Eid in several MP towns

    Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh): Following an unusual decision, the city of Ratlam presented a picture of deserted Eidgahs to protest against police excesses unleashed on them. They wore black ribbons on their arms while offering namaz in local mosques...

  • Indian Islamic students’ president on the Ayodhya Verdict

    If the title is with Hindus then how come one third is given to Muslims?

  • Sohrabuddin case: Gujarat rulers trying to throttle investigations

    Ahmedabad: Close on the heels of additional director general of Police Geetha Johri's questioning By CBI recently, one thing is clearly emerging that Gujarat political leadership is putting all pressure on Johri to keep mum on Sohrab e...

  • Curse on Gujarat Home Ministers, history shows

    Ahmedabad: Believe it or not, but becoming home minister in Gujarat, proves politically dangerous. This has happened with almost all the home minister in Gujarat's history so far. Let's start from Hitendrabhai Desai govt, whose home min...

  • Kashmir: dry stone gives no sound of water

    The boulder and the stream solution of Kashmir spells out need for patiently bearing the paramilitary and not confronting the forces. If the people of Kashmir accept India and march forward it would bring great benefits to them. This realizatio...

  • After militancy, a health emergency looms large in Kashmir

    The recent outbreak of gastroenteritis in Budgam, Kupwara and Bandipora districts has highlighted loopholes in supply of potable drinking water

  • Charity Alliance work in Murshidabad

    Charity Alliance extends resources for relief, development, welfare and progress of the downtrodden minorities in India

  • Conversion is crime in Modi's Gujarat

    Gujarat Freedom of Religion Act breaks religious freedom and contradicts rights protected within international agreements and the Indian Constitution.

  • Police-people relations in Kashmir

    The word Police in Kashmir has now become synonymous with Terror, Torture, Corruption, Killings and Intimidation

  • The enigma of Ayodhya’s missing files

    CBI says the exact timing and the responsibility for the loss of these files couldn’t be established hence no criminal breach of trust by a public servant.

  • Historic discussion on Urdu in Parliament

    Urdu is a beautiful language which has played a unique role in freedom struggle

  • Kerala CM re-ignites ‘love jihad’ myth

    Examined and already rejected by the courts.

  • Mulayam’s apology puts pressure on Congress to apologise on Babri

    UP Politics and Babri Masjid-Ram Janambhoomi

  • New generation fed up with RSS

    Its leaders worried over sharp decline in shakhas

  • Ban on SIMI needed to reform Muslims (!): Centre

    The Government has now donned the reformer mantle.