• A tale of three shootings within one week in U.S.

    Within just 13 hours apart, two mass shootingstook place—in El Paso, Texas Saturday and in Dayton, Ohio, early Sunday—leaving a total of 29 dead and 53 injured. The two mass shootings came less than a week of shooting at th...

  • Not Just Terrorism, Violence needs to be tackled as a Whole

    The truth on the other hand is that the numbers of Muslims killed at the hands of Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus are hundreds of times higher than the numbers of those communities killed by Muslims.

  • Dreadful Easter bombings and Christianphobia in Sri Lanka

    A series of coordinated bombings struck three churches and three hotels on Easter Sunday killing 207 people in the worst attacks in Sri Lanka since the end of the civil war 10 years ago. At least 450 people were wounded in total of...

  • The terror unleashed on peaceful worshipers in Sri Lanka

    Houses of worship around the world, a place of reflection and peace, have been targeted for attack by extremists. Here are some of the deadly assaults over the last decade

  • What has religion to do with Terrorist Violence?

    After the ghastly tragedy of 9/11 2001, in which nearly three thousand innocent people died, American media coined a new phrase ‘Islamic Terrorism’. This was the first time the terrorist act and terrorists got the prefix of religion...

  • Right-wing terror peaking!

    Another connected fact that needs to be highlighted is this: though invariably the victims of terror attacks in our country are from the minority communities yet they are portrayed as the accused!

  • American Muslims alarmed at White Supremacist terror attacks in New Zealand

    The seven-million strong American Muslim Community was alarmed at the White Supremacist terror attacks on two mosques in New Zealand during the Friday prayer services.

  • 325 incidents of Hate Violence Against Christians in India recorded in 2018

    Targeted violence and hate crimes against the Christian community in India continued unabated in 2018. The Religious Liberty Commission (RLC) of the Evangelical Fellowship of India has recorded 325 incidents where Christians have been targeted ...

  • Finally, the IS bogey laid to rest

    Since the government is in the run up for a second inning, it is important to bust this plank of the BJP as it goes to the electorate with its laundry list of ‘achievements’.

  • American Muslims 17 years after 9/11

    17 years after 9/11 terrorist attacks, American Muslims remain on the receiving end since 9/11/2001 but their plight has taken a new twist under President Donald Trump whose anti-Muslim policies alarmingly fomented hate crimes against them....

  • No faith teaches terrorism

    In no way, it will be a sweeping statement to say that this is an age of misinterpretations. While discussing some literary piece in the classroom, I have always encouraged my students to come up with their own perspectives and formulate a...

  • Listen, Why don't we look "right"? #Terrorism

    With the recent arrests of members of the Right-Wing outfit, Sanatan Sanstha, allegedly involved in murders of progressive rationalist liberals, I’m have been sitting introspecting on the very basic – why have we taken so very long ...

  • India’s Murderous Mobs

    On 17 July renowned social activist and Arya Samaj leader Swami Agnivesh was brutally beaten up and verbally abused in Jharkhand by a violent mob apparently having allegiance with the ruling BJP. Fortunately, they did not succeed in murdering t...

  • Threats to scribes are omnipresent now

    Guwahati: As we were preparing to complete the first half of 2018, shocking news broke from America, one of the professed liberal space for journalists in a democracy on Earth. A gunman stormed into the newsroom of a Maryland newspaper in USA a...

  • JNU's lump-in-throat response to DMC's notice on course on 'Islamic Terrorism'

    In reply to a notice by Delhi Minorities Commission, JNU Registrar Dr Pramod Kumar, has said that ''there was no course on ‘Islamic terror’ proposed in the Academic Council''.

  • Shahid Azmi Memorial Lecture to be on 6 April by Justice Thipsay on 'Terror Trials'

    This year's Advocate Shahid Azmi Memorial Lecture will be on 'Terror Trials: Reflections on Fundamental Rights and Judicial Independence' by Justice (Retd) Abhay M. Thipsay

  • When a terrorist is not a terrorist?

    “Why won't Trump call Austin bomber what he is? A Terrorist,” this is the title of the story by Alice Salles of Carbonated TV. The Austin bombing suspect is being called a domestic terrorist by people on social media, but why wo...

  • The dissident terror narrative

    There is of course a 'dissident' narrative. It is perhaps muted since saying it out loud in today’s day and age amounts to ‘sedition’. But it needs being aired. The official narrative would likely figure as a box ticked in Modi’s last lap into ele...

  • Kasganj And Before: RSS And Conspiracies Are Synonymous

    At Kasganj Muslims of the area suffered life threatening violence and wide spread destruction of properties on the Republic Day, January 26, 2018 perpetrated by the organizations affiliated to RSS

  • Kashmir Police gives clean chit to the “suicide bomber” who never was

    Sadia Anwar Shaikh, 18-year-old Pune girl was arrested by Kashmir Police on 26 January claiming that she was planning to explode herself during the Republic Day parade in Kashmir.