• Unholy alliance between Hindutva and Zionism

    Perhaps one of the most troubling legacies of the twentieth century is that of fractious identities. The turbulent socio-political exigencies of a post-colonial world demanded a re-evaluation and often re-configurations of ideas of nationhood. Ind...

  • “Terrorism” will stop only when Jews stop their war on Muslims

    This war on terrorism is nothing but a zionist conspiracy carried out by the Western Christian leadership at the behest of Jews. This is because all the Western Christian countries are controlled by the Jews with the help of their money power, med...

  • Sudarshan – the suicide bomber

    RSS always boast of being a cultural organisation has now resorted to insane vulgarity. The summary so far of its organisation has been marked by one blot after another and its stain leaves a deeper impact on the organisational structure of the...

  • Confession of Saffron terrorists - iii

    ... I found out that Purohit had different opinion on our Constitution, national anthem, and national flag and pure Hindu Rashtra... He gave me impression that he was doing some covert Military Intelligence (MI) operation..

  • Indian Express misguidingly "Recalling Karkare"

    This has a reference to the article 'Recalling Karkare' by Y P Rajesh published on the editorial page of your esteemed daily on 15th December, 2010. In this article, the writer has chosen to call the book 'Who Killed Karkare?', authored by me, a w...

  • Why is the Malegaon bomb blasts case of 2006 still hanging fire?

    Of all the cases of terrorism, the one which required most attention but got the least is the September 8, 2006 bomb blasts of Malegaon. The case is linked with the second blast of Malegaon on September 29, 2008 and even the with arms hauls of May...

  • Train blasts case: ATS story flops

    The investigation agency suffered a set back when during a court hearing a key witness turned hostile. The witness did not corroborate the police version and hence prosecution asked the court to declare the person hostile.

  • Bomb blast & hidden hands

    With the filing of the 806-page chargesheet in Ajmer Dargah blast, only five names have emerged out of the tip of the iceberg while several hidden hands still remain unexposed. The hue and cry raised by the RSS and BJP simply demonstrate their pan...

  • Confession of Saffron terrorists - ii

    Part 2: Excerpts from the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) chargesheet in Malegaon case

  • The Terror Industry: Hoaxes [Unlimited] Corporation

    “Cry wolf” is a strategic operation to keep people in suspense and fear. A relaxed society would start asking uncomfortable questions and demanding rights. The best way to divert their energies is to keep them in eternal tension.

  • Confession of Saffron terrorists - i

    Excerpts from the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) chargesheet in Malegaon case

  • Brahminist forces control IB: Ex-IGP Maharashtra

    New Delhi: The Milli Gazette and Pharos Media jointly organized a discussion entitled "Terrorism in India" and release of a book called "Who Killed Karkare?" on 22 September at Deputy Speakers' Hall, Constitution Club. V...

  • “Terrorism in India cant stop without reconstitution of Intelligence Bureau”

    Intelligence Bureau (IB) will have to be reconstituted and purged of Hindutva elements in it because without this neither terrorism can be eliminated nor peace can be maintained and promoted in this country.

  • Case filed against author and publisher of Who Killed Karkare?

    Ever since the book was published the press as well as authorities have slowly started using the term "Hindu Terror"

  • Hyderabad, Ajmer blasts: why probe took wrong turn?

    “Both Ajmer and Mecca Masjid had strong military imprints,” one of the investigating officers told.

  • 26/11 Mumbai Karkare killing plot plea: High Court issues notices

    Karkare had become an eyesore for Hindutva terrorists and terror groups whose role in some terror bombings in the country he was exposing.

  • Advertisement of those who shun publicity: RSS and its catch 22

    Photographs in an advertisement can be as much revealing as the ones taken in hot action. How could the photos of two girls from Azamgarh be used to advertise how Muslims have a secure financial future and brighter prospects in Gujarat?

  • Overtly Indian Mujahideen, covertly Abhinav Bharat

    Inheriting the British methodology of divide and rule, these fake nation-lovers are adept in spreading hatred.

  • NIA to tread cautiously while probing minorities

    New Delhi: National Investigation Agency (NIA), which was formed recently to investigate terror-related activities, has decided that in cases pertaining to minorities the agency will move carefully right from the beginning. In this context, NIA...

  • Samad’s arrest divided Central, state HMs, ATS confused

    German Bakery blast investigators clueless, embarrassed