• Why the world must confront the caste system

    Even though caste-ism is not the same as racism, the Dalits are not unjustified when they say that it is actually worse.

  • Uniform civil code – a Muslim point of view

    Problem with UCC is that no one knows what it is, what provisions it will cover, how it will affect the existing laws including the laws for Hindus. Everybody seems to believe that the Uniform Civil Code will affect only Muslims and Christians.

  • Our Vanishing World: rainforests are dying

    Rainforests are a crucial feature of Earth’s biosphere. Apart from being critical to Earth’s climate and vital carbon sinks, the major player in Earth’s hydrological (water) cycle, a massive producer of oxygen and home to most...

  • Save the RTI

    A massive people’s campaign is currently underway in the country to save the ‘Right to Information’(RTI) Act. The campaign which can be visited at is also going viral on social media under the hashtag #Save...

  • How Urdu was killed in its birthplace

    Urdu is ‘alive’ only for Bollywood’s commercial needs. Or for poetry sessions for the benefit of the poets on the social circuit! Otherwise, this ‘connecting language’, Urdu, lies dumped somewhere in the backwaters.

  • Display of religiosity by Rahul-led Congress is not ‘soft-Hindutva’

    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the father of the nation, did say that he is a Hindu; at the same time he went on to say that religion is a private matter for him. His greatest disciple Jawaharlal Nehru was a rationalist agnostic. He laid the found...

  • Tiding Over Controversies: AMU Fraternity must rise upto the Occasion

    17th October is the birth anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, founder of MAO College, which later became the Aligarh Muslim University. The university and its alumni all over the world dedicatedly celebrate this day as the founder’s day a...

  • Political pollution is more dangerous than environmental

    I do realize I’m not being very original in stating that the political pollution together with the environmental pollution is killing us. Though a hue and cry is raised every now and then about the environment turning poisonous but what a...

  • After Decriminalisation of Homosexuality, Criminalisation of Instant Triple Divorce

    Finally, the BJP Government has done what it believes would win them the vote of a certain section of Muslim women and might generate a kind of reaction that suits their plans for the next Lok Sabha elections. What they have done is in accordan...

  • Faiz Ahmad Faiz & and the Urban Naxal label

    Nisaar mein teri galyon pe ai watan ke jahaan Chali hai rasm ke koi na sar utha ke chale Jo koi chaahne wala twaaf ko nikle to sar jhuka ke chale, jism-o-jaan bacha ke chale — Faiz Ahmad Faiz  (I will lay down my ...

  • Do We Care for Our Environment?

    For India the real environmental challenges are elsewhere: how to stop those with power and money from destroying the environment: be it the crony capitalists, the big corporations, the other vested interests — or the Government itself.

  • Is it politically relevant today to ask whether Nehru visited Bhagat Singh in Jail?

    So Mr. Modi on one hand speaks a lie about Congress leaders ignoring those struggling for freedom. On the other he puts Savarkar in the same category as Bhagat Singh.

  • Ramadan Ceasefire in Kashmir Meaningless if Media War Continues

    I have never seen the electronic media so totally defiant of the BJP government. Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s avowed intention to calm Kashmir by announcing a Ramadan ceasefire appears to have been dismissed as “appeasement of Paki...

  • Hamid Ansari, Jinnah’s Portrait and turmoil in AMU

    With this AMU episode Hindu nationalist politics is killing many birds with a single stone. The ghost of Jinnah will keep visiting us, and RSS combine through its efforts will keep propping up divisive issues one after the other!

  • Attempts Being Made to Puncture India’s Secular Image!

    It is fairly obvious that these elements no respect for law and order as well as humane values. What are the reasons for failure of state authorities, including the police, to check these elements from indulging in such action?

  • What is India heading for?

    It is as yet too early to state as to whether attempts to spread communal tension as well as divert people’s attention from socio-economic problems bothering them is likely to prove politically beneficial for those in power during elections.

  • Minority Space and Majority Muddling – Riding Through the Misadventures of Majoritarian Democracy

    What significance does minority religious, social, and political identity have in a majoritarian democracy? Specifically, what significance does the Muslim Indian community have in the kind of a majoritarian democracy that India is evolving int...

  • Rewriting of History and Sectarian Nationalism

    Leaders of Indian nationalism, Gandhi and Nehru, saw the country belonging to people of all religions, the interaction between religions giving rise to a syncretic plural culture.

  • Who stands behind ISIS murderers?

    As the tragic news comes in of 39 of our men killed in the Iraqi town of Mosul, allegedly by the ISIS, one sits back shaken. One has been left wondering – who set up the ISIS? Who is behind it? Which are the Western powers backing it? Who funds it?

  • Rewriting Indian history in the image of Hindu chauvinists

    The Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha, a right wing Hindu nationalist political party in the Northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, released a Hindu New Year calendar which says that Taj Mahal along with several mosques and monuments from the Mu...