• Does BJP’s Intend to Change Indian Constitution?

    The whole attempt of Hindu nationalist political formations is to try to pave the way for Hindu nationalism by using the democratic secular space which the present Constitution gives.

  • Haj subsidy gone, India needs to do alot more to prove it is secular

    Now that the government of the day has withdrawn the Haj subsidy, it ought to take another step forward and withdrawn subsidy and support it provides for all the pilgrimages and yatras and melas associated with any religion.

  • BJP: Only those Muslims will stay in India who assimilate into Hindu culture

    Surendra Singh, a legislator of the ruling Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) has said that once India becomes a “Hindu rashtra”, only those Muslims will stay in the country who assimilate into the Hindu culture. “There are a very few...

  • Triple Talaq bill does not serve Muslim women’s interests

    Rather than making noise only about triple talaq, it would be more appropriate for respected leaders to talk about a marriage contract, with clauses against practices which lead to abuse of women.

  • PM Modi's fav minister attempts crucifixion of the idea of India at the altar of Hindutva bigotry

    HINDUTVA JUGGERNAUT RUNS AMOK PM Modi's pet bullet train project between Mumbai and Ahmedabad to be operational in 2022 may never materialize as by then BJP/RSS may not be ruling India and hopefully national priorities would change for ...

  • Christmas in the Midst of Unseen Violence

    There have been times when the Christian community celebrated Christmas with peaceful heart. Gone are those days when we thought of Christmas as times of peace, joy and happiness. The carol singing was considered as taking the message of pe...

  • Rampage around Film Padmavati: Power of Historical Fiction

    Nearly a year ago multiple rowdy protests took place when the film Padmavati was being shot in Rajasthan. Sanjay Leela Bhansali had to interrupt the shooting for some time. Currently again, more intense opposition has been witnessed as the film...

  • Ayodhya Dispute: Need for Upholding Law

    The likes of Sri Sri in the name of reconciliation will try to promote the solution amicable to those who have been at the forefront of installing Ram Lalla and demolition of the Mosque, both big crimes in a democratic society.

  • Babri Masjid Demolition: 25 Years On...

    I shared the news in my prison cell with all of 8 to 10 other adivasi inmates. They would not believe me. One of them said, why would anybody demolish house of the Supreme Being?

  • Constitutional Concerns

    Every citizen must then be concerned about what is happening to the Constitution of India. ‘Constitution Day’ is an appropriate one, to pledge that one needs to do all one can to safeguard and promote the spirit and sanctity of our Constitution!

  • Padmavati Controversy: What if Mughal-e-Azam was made in Modi's India?

    Padmavati, in a sense, is a neighbourhood story. My village, Mustafabad, happens to be in Rae Bareli, which embraces numerous Chishtiya Sufi shrines or places where the saints spent some time, including Khwaja Ashraf Jehangir Semnani, the saint...

  • Pollution—Environmental and political—both are killing us

    Will we, the masses of North India, ever get rid of the smoggy pollution around? Or will we die with this dangerous haze hovering around? Saffron political "pollution" in action at Babri Masjid Yes, once again we s...

  • Indian ultra right party honours the assassin of nation’s father Gandhi

    Sixty nine years after Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, a “shrine” dedicated to his killer Nathuram Godse was set up in Guwalior by the Hindu Mahasabha on Wednesday (Nov 15), Hindustan Times reported. ...

  • Tipu Sultan: Diverse Narratives even within RSS-BJP

    As such there are diverse attitudes towards Tipu from within RSS-BJP stable itself. In 2010, B.S. Yeddyyurappa, the BJP leader adorned Tipu’s headgear and held a mock sword, on the eve of elections.

  • What was “cooking”? – Certainly, not “Birbal kee kichdi!”

    They are likely to be least attracted to a dish that apparently requires a lot of cooking, usage of so much fat, too many ingredients and so forth? So should speculations about what was really cooking be dismissed as a case similar to Birbal’s khi...

  • ‘History’ propounded by the Hindu supremacists is stranger than fiction

    It is a tool in the hands Hindutva to justify their ideology which considers Muslims and Christians, whose holy lands are outside India (land mass from River Sindhu to Arabian Sea) as foreign religions.

  • Dharamyudh in Full swing

    It is ironical indeed that the forces that are least hesitant to use violence as a means to establish or sustain their hegemony have been most vocal in criticising Jihad and Jihadism in Islam and Muslims. None can beat West in using force at th...

  • How can women 'wage peace' without talking about occupation?

    I arrived early and with many reservations to the rally organized by “Women Wage Peace” in Jerusalem’s Independence Park this past week. It was the culmination of a two-week “Journey to Peace,” in wh...

  • Consensual Sex outside marriage before 18 legal, inside marriage 'rape'

    The Judgment will of course be hailed by the forces and the media controlled by the forces because it will prove to be another nail in the coffin of the marriage institution.

  • Uniform Civil Code: How RSS and Hindu swamis fought tooth and nail the Hindu Code Bill

    Anti-Hindu-Code-Bill Committee held hundreds of meetings throughout India, where sundry swamis denounced the proposed legislation. The participants in this movement presented themselves as religious warriors (dharmaveer) fighting a religious war (...