• ‘History’ propounded by the Hindu supremacists is stranger than fiction

    It is a tool in the hands Hindutva to justify their ideology which considers Muslims and Christians, whose holy lands are outside India (land mass from River Sindhu to Arabian Sea) as foreign religions.

  • Dharamyudh in Full swing

    It is ironical indeed that the forces that are least hesitant to use violence as a means to establish or sustain their hegemony have been most vocal in criticising Jihad and Jihadism in Islam and Muslims. None can beat West in using force at th...

  • How can women 'wage peace' without talking about occupation?

    I arrived early and with many reservations to the rally organized by “Women Wage Peace” in Jerusalem’s Independence Park this past week. It was the culmination of a two-week “Journey to Peace,” in wh...

  • Consensual Sex outside marriage before 18 legal, inside marriage 'rape'

    The Judgment will of course be hailed by the forces and the media controlled by the forces because it will prove to be another nail in the coffin of the marriage institution.

  • Uniform Civil Code: How RSS and Hindu swamis fought tooth and nail the Hindu Code Bill

    Anti-Hindu-Code-Bill Committee held hundreds of meetings throughout India, where sundry swamis denounced the proposed legislation. The participants in this movement presented themselves as religious warriors (dharmaveer) fighting a religious war (...

  • Women should not live in fear, but act with courage

    God gave her courage and Hina Desai restored her self- confidence, feels Lakshmina. SRSP gave her INR 2000 and helped her open a bank account. She used that money to start her own business.

  • Is there a Modi-wave?

    There is nothing surprising about the hype created about the Modi-wave. In fact, the trend in India is to give primary importance to certain individuals and/or families in political parties.

  • Veg & Non-Veg: Concocted Myths and Muslim Appeasement

    Railways waiters, taking orders for dinner/BF/lunch, invariably ask for veg or non-veg and interestingly, they bracket omelette into non-veg category. Query regarding milk being veg or non-veg baffles them.

  • Mob lynching: are we entering a free-for-all stage of countrywide violence?

    Indian media talks much less about riots than about terrorism and much less about non-Muslim terrorism than Muslim terrorism. I have seen one Indian TV after another presenting horror reports about ISIS but yet to see a report on indigenous terror...

  • Kovind, Dalit Politics and Hindu Nationalism

    By nominating Ramanth Kovind as the Presidential candidate, BJP has tried to play the politics of tokenism to the hilt. Mr. Kovind is a dalit from UP. While many names were doing the round from BJP parivar, finally they settled for a person who...

  • Dalit-Label Tagged With Presidential Candidates!

    One is forced to deliberate on how much importance is being given to democratic, socialist and secular values laid out in the Preamble to the Indian Constitution?

  • Cow And Hindutva: Myths And Facts

    The Hindutva juggernaut which rode on with Ram, love jihaad and ghar wapsi on top of it, is riding with cow this time. There have been countless incidents of lynching, maiming and robbing of Muslims and Dalits in the name of saving holy cows. I...

  • Naseeruddin – The Paradoxical Shah Lost in the Pseudonym of a “Non-Practicing” Muslim Identity

    Naseeruddin Shah proudly proclaims in his article that he is not a practicing Muslim — "...I am no longer a practicing Muslim, and in fact had never been overly aware of a Muslim identity..." Ironically, and paradoxically, he is...

  • Communal Violence Leading to Negative Image of India

    One is forced to deliberate on the importance given to each citizen’s constitutional rights in view of the increasing tendency of rogue sections choosing to take administration of “law and order” in their own hands. What else ...

  • Muslim personal law: India's Supreme Court needs to obtain world Muslim counsel

    The healthy practice among decent world societies of trying to know what decisions have been taken abroad on an issue before these are picked up for domestic adjudication.

  • On French relief and Crucial times for Aam Aadmi Party

    What a relief! The French have indeed signaled that all’s not over! The election of Emmanuel Macronhas actually relayed that sane and responsible governance will flourish in France. Lesser levels of discriminations and biases and hounding...

  • Creeping fascism in India

    Rising Fascism in India and the need for a counter narrative on secularism within our Constitutional democratic framework

  • Should Indian Supreme Court favour Sikh beard disapproving Jewish, Christian and Muslim beards?

    There are many Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs who shave off their beard but this cannot be a yardstick of understanding whether or not their respective faiths mandate the growing of the beard.

  • Holy Cow – Bovine Anarchy and the New Identity of India

    Did you know that the Hindu Right Wing is on a rampage not just against the Muslims but also against many of their own gods including Indra and Agni? Prof. Ram Puniyani writes in The Hindu that Many gods such as Indra and Agni ar...

  • Kerala has a lesson for us all; Calligraphy; Sufism

    I’m just back from Kerala, after attending a literary festival organized in Tirur by the Madhyamam group of publications… Its like returning from a different land altogether. After all, the flying time from Calicut to New Delhi is ...