• Blaming minorities for every bomb blast

    The media is preying on the paranoia of the majority community. There are sensationalized stories with ready descriptions, encouraging, helping, hiding and camouflaging the real perpetrators, perpetuating state of impunity and severely demoralizin...

  • Freedom of speech in a Democracy

    If the government is so insensitive and the rest of Indians are so indifferent towards the Valley people, who will speak on their behalf? If, we are guided by the idea: come what may, Kashmir is an integral part of India, how we are going to save ...

  • Two years on Batla: where are the messiahs now?

    Two years of Batla House encounter are now passed; but it is a pity that even after revelation of all facts, self-styled protectors and champions of human rights, who in fact deserve to be called selfish politicians, who had tried to project thems...

  • Ayodhya Verdict — Goons cannot be allowed to take benefit

    Goons & Murderers cannot be allowed to take the benefit of their own dastardly deeds as even a rightful heir if kills his ancestor, forfeits his right of inheritance

  • The problem of Muslim security

    Muslims leaving their place of birth in large numbers...

  • Five years on, Ayodhya assailants remain unknown

    It was Muslims only who were greatly harmed and yet another stigma was etched on their forehead.

  • This Ramadan, please don’t sell Islam

    Learn from our former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

  • Kashmir’s serial killings

    The authorities must resign if they can’t act.

  • Caste & racism: Committed at home, opposed abroad

    Activists question India’s opposition to new international standards on equality and non-discrimination