• Left Islamophobia: A Critique of Shamsul Islam’s writing on Tablighi Jamaat

    After reading Shamsul Islam’s article, one gets a feeling that the author has knowingly or unknowingly done a great harm to the image of the Tablighi Jamaat and put oil to the communal hatred against minority Muslim community in India.

  • Borewells and potholes kill more Indians than terror

    Hong Kong: Efforts to rescue 2-year-old Sujith Wilson, trapped in a borewell for over three days in a village in Tiruchirappalli district of Tamilnadu now have entered fourth day. Rescue teams, including those from the National Disaster Respons...

  • The Global Climate Movement is Failing: Why?

    It has been satisfying to note the significant response to two recent climate campaigns: the actions, including the recent Global Climate Strike, initiated by school students inspired by Greta Thunberg and the climate actions organized by Extin...

  • Cautioning the Indian military against being politically gullible

    India is risking war and internal rebellion. This has little security value for the country, though it is of great political dividend for Modi. It enables diversion from the economic bad news.

  • Fear is the key to win elections these days

    Constant maneuvering to instill doubt in the minds of Hindus vis-à-vis their Muslim neighbours ultimately results in rich electoral dividends. Survival of Hindus is at stake unless you vote Hindu, Hindutva, Hindi.

  • Woodrow Wilson Center expert says: India’s sudden Kashmir move could backfire badly

    Michael Kugelman of the Washington-based Woodrow Wilson International Center, has warned that Indian Prime Minister Narenra Modi’s sudden move in Kashmir could backfire badly. “Sure enough, on Aug. 5, India announced that it pla...

  • How close are Indian Muslims to a genocide?

    We are moving fast to a point where the last stages of genocide will be unleashed against the Indian Muslims. We are almost there. Preparations have been made under Modi 1.0 and now under Modi 2.0. We are moving fast to the last stages. Here is...

  • 'Halal' Ponzi Scams and Islamic Finance in India – Need for a Strict Shariah-Compliance Certification Framework

    “Beware the investment activity that produces applause; the great moves are usually greeted by yawns.”  — Warren Buffet Islamic Finance (and its succinct implementation in a conventional, interest-based fin...

  • Questioning afresh Indian military’s social representativeness

    The meager number of Muslims in the security forces is not limited to the period of ascent of cultural nationalism. Little was done to remedy matters in the UPA period.

  • What is RSS? By Madhu Limaye (1st May 1922—1995)

    Madhu Limaye was veteran freedom fighter, Socialist leader and Parliamentarian. May 1st marks the 97th birth anniversary late Madhu Limaye. This piece, penned by Madhu Limaye soon after the split in the Janata Party in 1979.

  • Gandhi and RSS: Diverse Nationalisms

    So today when point is being made about choice between Gandhi and Godse, what is being pleaded is that the choice is between inclusive Indian nationalism of Gandhi and exclusive Hindu nationalism being propounded by RSS progeny BJP.

  • Will Pakistan be happy if Modi returns to power?

    Nevertheless, to fact check Modi is useful, first, to ascertain if his claim to being strong on defence is valid, and, second, if that makes Pakistan quake in its boots.

  • Radical West much bigger threat to peace than 'Radical Islam'

    West believes that its set of political, social and economic ideologies, is the only correct ideology, and it alone has the right to define various concepts and parameters, and it alone has the right to propagate and implement its ideology.

  • Can a code used by the Election Commission be closed and unaccountable in a democracy?

    On December 7, 2018, the day the Telangana assembly elections were held, several voters across the state protested on the streets complaining about their missing names in the electoral rolls. Several political parties and civil society groups h...

  • Journalism in times of Strident Nationalism

    This is as signal honour and I am grateful to the trustees of the Media Foundation for inviting me this evening to share my thoughts with this august audience. Boobli George Verghese was a journalist of eminence. To his contemporaries,...

  • Elite Banking at Your Expense: How Secretive Tax Havens are Used to Steal Your Money

    Tax havens are locations around the world where wealthy individuals, criminals and terrorists, as well as governments and government agencies (such as the CIA), banks, corporations, hedge funds, international organizations (such as the Vatican)...

  • Balakot: Nailing lies in the name of national security

    In case the bombs did not find their mark, it is not on account of military incompetence, but to three reasons, none particularly useful for the ruling party’s showing on national security.

  • Shifts in Modi’s Communication Strategy!

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s communication strategy appears to have undergone a major change from what it was prior to his having stepped onto the political stage. It may be recalled, till 2001, prior to his taking over as Gujarat chief...

  • Muslims and reconstruction of India: Kerala Muslim youth have important role to play

    Today, we may be living in better houses, drawing better salaries and driving advanced vehicles but we have much retreated as intellectual leaders of not just the Muslim World but even of India. All indicators show that we are already the new Dal...

  • Consequences for India’s minority of the gathering war clouds after Pulwama

    The army’s new land warfare doctrine, put out in December last year, has it that a gray zone obtains where a state-sponsored proxy war is incident. While Kashmir is not mentioned as such, it is unmistakable that to the army it lies athwar...