• India-Israel: from a hush-hush relationship to open celebration

    Indian policy towards Israel has undergone a sea change over the last two decades, especially during the last three years. Gone are the days when Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Indian Nation, stood with the Palestinians.

  • Taj Mahal in the storm of history and propaganda

    The glory in white marvel is eclipsed not by centuries of its existence on the dingy bank of Yamuna river but by ill-perception and betrayal in the hands of its own current custodians.

  • Hindutva and History

    Indian Constitution may qualify Muslims and Christians as Indian citizens but Hindutva political ideology (HPI) views them as foreigners to be gotten rid off or subdued to the status of non-citizens or second class citizens.

  • Why This “Kolaveri-Kolaveri” on Taj Mahal?

    Recent media flashings are echoing with comments of hatred against the Moghuls and their contributions by likes of Yogi and Sangeet Som is nothing other than playing hate politics dividing communities to protect their vote banks.

  • BJP-ruled states compete to build the tallest statues, while masses are deprived of basic needs

    In the last couple of years three BJP ruled states in India have begun projects to build massive statues of their regional heroes, each costing trillions of rupees. Kaun samjhayee bhakton ko? Gujarat The first was Gujarat st...

  • Analysing MJ Akbar's keynote address on 'Islam in a Modern Secular State'

    On 28 September, in his keynote address at 'Islam in a Modern Secular State' Conference in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, voices his misgivings about Islam being in the forefront of modernity.

  • Torture and sexual abuse at Kerala gharwapasi centres

    The investigative journalists revealed that Hindu right wing groups used violence, intimidation, blackmail, and even drugs to 'rescue' Hindu girls who had converted to Islam and married Muslims.

  • Seven Avtars of Hinduism

    Many of these traditions overlapped each other and the practiced forms of Hinduism today contain many of these elements simultaneously. The Brahmin priests dominated all learning, assimilated many traditions they wove a complex tapestry of mythology.

  • Democracy Facing Threats!

    Even if a minor section of the population chooses to abuse Indian Constitution by misusing their democratic rights, it can spread havoc for the country as a whole.

  • Private public partnership and sustainable development: In harmony or in conflict with each other?

    Are public private partnerships helpful or harmful to increase progress on sustainable development? CNS spoke with Gerifel Cerillo, the coordinator of 'Tanggol Bayi' - an association of women human rights defenders (WHRDs) in the Philip...

  • Rohingyas: An Opportunity for South East Asian Supremacy of India Lost by BJP’s Impregnated Hate Dogma

    The present government just seems stripped of this political cognition. Congress under Indira did have the mettle to churn out an impending neighborhood crisis into India’s favor back in 1971. Does BJP under Modi have the spine and mettle to do th...

  • Gauri Lankesh’s Murder & Indian Media

    The real murderers are the ones who hired them for the job. There is no knowing as to who would be their next target. Definitely, at present, the Indian media at large has taken note of this not being the first case of outrageous murder in Karnata...

  • Ban on Sale and Slaughter of Cattle Triggers Mobocracy

    It has been observed lately that some of the policy decisions of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government, India , either cause severe hardship to common man or communalise the situation and encourage mob violence.

  • Lynching is the new normal in Modi's India, be it Muslims, History or anything

    Are we living in a so-called democracy or in a Hindu Rashtra where the Hindu Talibans will force their dictates down my head and throat and psyche!

  • Lynching – Hindutva’s way to power

    The lynch mobs on both sides of the border target their respective minorities with the state law and order machinery laid back and taking little action against the members of lynch mob.

  • Partition of India and Patriotism of Indian Muslims

    Background Indian Muslims are almost habituated to hear such statements as, “They (the Muslims) have taken Pakistan, now what else here for them?” This one line statement from our co-citizen can’t but forces a serious, soc...

  • Indian Muslims – time to ponder and change

    All this will take time and effort. All this will be painful at least to some. All this needs serious investment of funds. But without it, we will cease to exist as relevant and significant members of this society.

  • The Conspiracy behind Babri Masjid Demolition

    Liberhan Commission did point out the nature of the underlying conspiracy but unfortunately the Commission took so long to submit its report. To add salt to the injury, Advani and company became stronger after this crime against the nation.

  • On Cognitive Empowerment

    Cognitive empowerment can be developed with a sincere will combined with the ability to retrospect and question. Questioning leads to arguments, debates, and inductive and deductive reasoning; it has also been encouraged in our religion.

  • Hindutva disrupt life in Uttar Pradesh

    This entire week during my interactive talks with persons from Uttar Pradesh, there has been focus on three primeaspects: Their doubts about the very ‘proper authentic’ functioning of the Electronic Voting Machines! Those doubts com...