• Impact of Cow-lynching Cases, etc!

    It is indeed an irony that while primarily poor Muslims have been targeted in cow-lynching cases, the non-Muslims attacked include well-known and well-placed secular individuals.

  • Cows are safe in Modi’s India than Muslims

    According to Indian Ministry of Home Affairs, between 2014 and March, 2018, 45 people were killed in mob lynchings across nine states in India. In the latest example, a group of villagers  beat to death 28-year-old Akbar Khan in Rajas...

  • Saffron eats Saffron — Lynchings become normal under hate politics

    Tomorrow if Rahul Gandhi were to meet Swami Agnivesh and ask him to detail the problems faced by the tribal and Adivasi communities and groups, will the BJP-wallahs hound him once again and come up with the choicest verbal hits.

  • The Role Of The Cold War In Indira Gandhi’s Emergency

    The Congress split of 1969 was itself an advantage for Moscow. Mrs. Gandhi had discarded the conservative, pro-capital big wigs, more comfortable with Congress stalwarts whom she had defeated in the Parliamentary party contest in 1966.

  • How many more will be killed by India's 2019 General elections?

    The state of anarchy could pave way for more violence: not just the upcoming general elections of 2019 but also the fact stands out that till recently the masses were sitting somewhat subdued, awaiting miracles are now completely frustrated.

  • Karnataka Politics: Alarm Bells for BJP!

    Strategies exercised by Congress party in Karnataka politics and the nature of this party’s campaign for Madhya Pradesh assembly elections are definitely suggestive of the party leaders having come to terms with the reach as well as limitations of...

  • Karnataka: Battleground for the Soul of India!

    Karnataka elections is no longer about an impartial look at this or that national political party. It is about a more subjective and passionate look, at the future of India. To defeat the party that says "we are here to change the Constitution".

  • The Role of Cultural Interactions and Resident Indian Communities in the GCC Countries in Shaping Gulf-India Ties

    India’s ties with the Gulf go back at least 8000 years. Archaeological excavations at Dilmun in Bahrain and Sur in Oman reveal links with the Harappan civilisation that go back to 2300-2000 BC.  Cotton was a major export from...

  • Sachar, Misra and Kundu: Partial Reports, Partial Recommendations, Minimal Implementation

    Before fixing objectives in accordance with our own vision, let us see in brief what Sachar Committee reported, and what were the follow-ups and their results. Sachar Commiitte Report was published in 2006. The report attracted hug...

  • How much more psychological damage will the Hindutva-Inferiority-Complex inflict on the Hindu psyche?

    For a long time in academic circles Oak's nonsense continued to be treated as a joke and was looked upon with scorn; yet, '…even respected Indian newspapers had not binned his books, but actually reviewed it on their literary pages.'

  • Hindus, Muslims and RSS Chief Bhagwat

    It is at this point of time that Hindu Mahasabha and RSS, who were upset due to social changes parallel to freedom movement that they started talking of Hindu Unity!

  • Our Culture is Composite and Unique: Hamid Ansari

    Here is the full text of the lecture delivered by HAMID ANSARI, former Vice President of India, at the Constitution Club, New Delhi on 22 Feb., 2018

  • The Other Side of BJP’s “Success” in North-East!

    Where has the Congress really erred in stumbling here after having given the BJP a strong fight in Gujarat assembly elections? Besides, does poor performance of Congress signal danger signals of leadership of Rahul Gandhi?

  • Ram and Abraham/Ibrahim (peace be upon him): One Person, Two Names

    When we read the story of Abraham in Bible and the story of Ram in Valmiki Ramayana, the resemblances are so striking that one cannot remain but convinced that they are one and the same figure.

  • Kasganj Violence: Unveiling the Anatomy of a Riot

    Communal violence has been the bane of our society. There had been a perception that this violence is a spontaneous clash between two communities. Over a period of time, it is becoming clear that it is not a spontaneous phenomenon, nor is it a ...

  • Hindu Rashtra versus Ambedkarite State

    The contest today is between the state subservient to Hindu rashtra and Ambedkarite democratic state. On whose side are you?

  • Manufacturing Anti-National Muslims: The Hindutva Juggernaut Runs Amok On the Eve of Republic Day

    The Republic day celebrations were witness to the fact that concerted attempts were made to brand common Muslims of India as criminals, anti-national and terrorists so to become soft and legitimate targets for ethnic cleansing.

  • Swami Vivekananda and Present Politicised Hindutva

    Although it is claimed that Hindu religion is one of the oldest religions of the world, but the ‘Hindutva’ way of living is a very recent addition to it. This very word ‘Hindutva’ created much confusion and chaos in our socio-political life.

  • How Not to Hollow Out the Constitution Bit by Bit

    It is not just BJP minister Anantkumar Hegde. Here is a look at some past attempts of the RSS-BJP to tinker with the Constitution.

  • What the News Media in the US and India Have in Common

    The flurry of allegations and accusations of sexual harassment against major news hosts, and the rumors of settlements brokered by the media companies to keep victims quiet, have further eroded people's trust in the integrity of their news ...