• Pulwama needs to be understood in context of 70 years of the Kashmir unrest

    While the bodies of the 40 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) troops who died in the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir on Valentine’s Day are only just now being laid to rest, unrest prevails throughout the Indian subcontinent in the...

  • Of Trolls and Anti-Trolls – and the Dissentious Muslim Identity Crisis

    Though Rahman’s response may be seen as an innocent expression on his part – the perfect anti-troll to defend Khadija from liberalist trolls – it smells of the grotesque identity crisis that the Muslim Indians are facing today.

  • Why Recreating Gandhi Murder?

    This 30th January 2019, when the whole country was observing the 71st martyrdom day of ‘Father of the Nation’, Mahatma Gandhi, the members of Hindu Mahasabha recreated the murder of Gandhi in Aligarh. Led by Hindu Mahasabh...

  • Election Season: Sania Mirza, newsroom debate & Islamophobia

    A photograph of Sania Mirza in a typical Islamic attire was used to raise passion last month. This photograph, along with another photo of the tennis star wearing a t-shirt and ripped jeans was posted on a Facebook page claiming that the former...

  • Appropriating an Icon: RSS Celebrates Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

    On this 23rd January BJP-RSS organized various programs to honor Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. In one of these programs, a clash took place leading to a curfew in Kendrapada, Orissa. In different meeting organized by BJP-RSS attempt was mad...

  • George Fernandes keeps his date with Gujarat carnage martyrs

    Fernandes must not only be remembered for his showing in the pre-Emergency and Emergency days. He must bear the cross for the Gujarat 2002 carnage.

  • Mob lynching in India are manufactured communal violence

    Mob lynching Mob lynching has drastically increased in recent years, particularly since the election of the BJP government. There has been fourfold increase in cow related violent incidents from less than 5% of incidents communal violence i...

  • The minority security problematic

    As India heads to elections, the security dynamic of the world’s largest minority looms as one of the principle electoral considerations. It is understandably so.

  • Is the BJP Poised to Drown in its 10% Upper Caste Reservation Stunt?

    Reservations and all such ill-thought political stunts have been exploited by many a politicians and political entities every now and then. Until some time back, even some groups of Muslim politicians were seen demanding the reservations for all M...

  • Bulandshahr violence was pre-planned

    The FIR against Muslims were filed on the complaints lodged by Yogesh Raj, the main accused in the December 3 violence. It was part of an apparent deal to placate him while he was leading the mob with animal carcasses.

  • Corruption and scams under BJP

    Indian economy has hit the lowest point at the present point of time. Every commitment made in the run up to the last election remains unredeemed. The aggressive pursuit of neo-liberal policy has forced the institutionalization of cronyism ...

  • Netaji Bose, Nehru and anti-Colonial Struggle

    Indian anti-colonial struggle has been the major phenomenon which built modern India into a secular democracy. Many of the political streams were part of this movement which struggled in their own way to drive away the British. There were some,...

  • Theatre of Absurd: Modi and the Dawoodi Bohra Pontiff

    The invite by the High priest of Dawoodi Bohras, a Shia Muslim sub-sect, to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address their religious congregation on 14th September 2018 on the occasion of Muharram, and that the PM should accept the invite ca...

  • India the new Lynchdom — CSSS monitors 3 newspaper for 7 months

    These words were said by Martin Luther King Jr. in the era where the racial segregation was at its peak and the African Americans targeted in the form of lynching. Lynching of the marginalized African American was a hate crime which mirrore...

  • Impact of Cow-lynching Cases, etc!

    It is indeed an irony that while primarily poor Muslims have been targeted in cow-lynching cases, the non-Muslims attacked include well-known and well-placed secular individuals.

  • Cows are safe in Modi’s India than Muslims

    According to Indian Ministry of Home Affairs, between 2014 and March, 2018, 45 people were killed in mob lynchings across nine states in India. In the latest example, a group of villagers  beat to death 28-year-old Akbar Khan in Rajas...

  • Saffron eats Saffron — Lynchings become normal under hate politics

    Tomorrow if Rahul Gandhi were to meet Swami Agnivesh and ask him to detail the problems faced by the tribal and Adivasi communities and groups, will the BJP-wallahs hound him once again and come up with the choicest verbal hits.

  • The Role Of The Cold War In Indira Gandhi’s Emergency

    The Congress split of 1969 was itself an advantage for Moscow. Mrs. Gandhi had discarded the conservative, pro-capital big wigs, more comfortable with Congress stalwarts whom she had defeated in the Parliamentary party contest in 1966.

  • How many more will be killed by India's 2019 General elections?

    The state of anarchy could pave way for more violence: not just the upcoming general elections of 2019 but also the fact stands out that till recently the masses were sitting somewhat subdued, awaiting miracles are now completely frustrated.

  • Karnataka Politics: Alarm Bells for BJP!

    Strategies exercised by Congress party in Karnataka politics and the nature of this party’s campaign for Madhya Pradesh assembly elections are definitely suggestive of the party leaders having come to terms with the reach as well as limitations of...