• Our Culture is Composite and Unique: Hamid Ansari

    Here is the full text of the lecture delivered by HAMID ANSARI, former Vice President of India, at the Constitution Club, New Delhi on 22 Feb., 2018

  • The Other Side of BJP’s “Success” in North-East!

    Where has the Congress really erred in stumbling here after having given the BJP a strong fight in Gujarat assembly elections? Besides, does poor performance of Congress signal danger signals of leadership of Rahul Gandhi?

  • Ram and Abraham/Ibrahim (peace be upon him): One Person, Two Names

    When we read the story of Abraham in Bible and the story of Ram in Valmiki Ramayana, the resemblances are so striking that one cannot remain but convinced that they are one and the same figure.

  • Kasganj Violence: Unveiling the Anatomy of a Riot

    Communal violence has been the bane of our society. There had been a perception that this violence is a spontaneous clash between two communities. Over a period of time, it is becoming clear that it is not a spontaneous phenomenon, nor is it a ...

  • Hindu Rashtra versus Ambedkarite State

    The contest today is between the state subservient to Hindu rashtra and Ambedkarite democratic state. On whose side are you?

  • Manufacturing Anti-National Muslims: The Hindutva Juggernaut Runs Amok On the Eve of Republic Day

    The Republic day celebrations were witness to the fact that concerted attempts were made to brand common Muslims of India as criminals, anti-national and terrorists so to become soft and legitimate targets for ethnic cleansing.

  • Swami Vivekananda and Present Politicised Hindutva

    Although it is claimed that Hindu religion is one of the oldest religions of the world, but the ‘Hindutva’ way of living is a very recent addition to it. This very word ‘Hindutva’ created much confusion and chaos in our socio-political life.

  • How Not to Hollow Out the Constitution Bit by Bit

    It is not just BJP minister Anantkumar Hegde. Here is a look at some past attempts of the RSS-BJP to tinker with the Constitution.

  • What the News Media in the US and India Have in Common

    The flurry of allegations and accusations of sexual harassment against major news hosts, and the rumors of settlements brokered by the media companies to keep victims quiet, have further eroded people's trust in the integrity of their news ...

  • Media tries to conceal BJP's downfall in UP local body elections

    Full and final, real results of up local body elections... Independents win 225 seats out of 652 and emerge as the single largest group... BJP loses the status of being even the single largest party...

  • Ayodhya dispute: Supremacy of Constitution or faith?

    If RJ-BM dispute is news once again, there must be elections round the corner! And yes elections are round the corner!

  • India-Israel: from a hush-hush relationship to open celebration

    Indian policy towards Israel has undergone a sea change over the last two decades, especially during the last three years. Gone are the days when Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Indian Nation, stood with the Palestinians.

  • Taj Mahal in the storm of history and propaganda

    The glory in white marvel is eclipsed not by centuries of its existence on the dingy bank of Yamuna river but by ill-perception and betrayal in the hands of its own current custodians.

  • Hindutva and History

    Indian Constitution may qualify Muslims and Christians as Indian citizens but Hindutva political ideology (HPI) views them as foreigners to be gotten rid off or subdued to the status of non-citizens or second class citizens.

  • Why This “Kolaveri-Kolaveri” on Taj Mahal?

    Recent media flashings are echoing with comments of hatred against the Moghuls and their contributions by likes of Yogi and Sangeet Som is nothing other than playing hate politics dividing communities to protect their vote banks.

  • BJP-ruled states compete to build the tallest statues, while masses are deprived of basic needs

    In the last couple of years three BJP ruled states in India have begun projects to build massive statues of their regional heroes, each costing trillions of rupees. Kaun samjhayee bhakton ko? Gujarat The first was Gujarat st...

  • Analysing MJ Akbar's keynote address on 'Islam in a Modern Secular State'

    On 28 September, in his keynote address at 'Islam in a Modern Secular State' Conference in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, voices his misgivings about Islam being in the forefront of modernity.

  • Torture and sexual abuse at Kerala gharwapasi centres

    The investigative journalists revealed that Hindu right wing groups used violence, intimidation, blackmail, and even drugs to 'rescue' Hindu girls who had converted to Islam and married Muslims.

  • Seven Avtars of Hinduism

    Many of these traditions overlapped each other and the practiced forms of Hinduism today contain many of these elements simultaneously. The Brahmin priests dominated all learning, assimilated many traditions they wove a complex tapestry of mythology.

  • Democracy Facing Threats!

    Even if a minor section of the population chooses to abuse Indian Constitution by misusing their democratic rights, it can spread havoc for the country as a whole.