• Live-in relationships and the Supreme Court

    The judgement recognises the rights of a woman from the man if both of them, though not formally married, are living like husband and wife. In other words, they are helping each other and are not living together merely for sexual purpose. The rela...

  • Babri dispute: do not repeat past mistakes

    On one side fighting the Babri Masjid case but on the other hand holding meetings, protests and demonstration. The Court will take no cognisance of the number of meetings and protest demonstrations held by Muslims. On the contrary, it will benefit...

  • Ayodhya & today’s Indian!

    Notwithstanding the fact that media and political noise made over Ayodhya-issue has recently led to certain tension and panic in the country; it cannot be missed that there has prevailed peace and calm across the nation. On the one hand, this is s...

  • Elegy of Ummat-e Marhooma

    We speak, rather scream, a lot but when it comes to action, to spend an hour or a rupee, we are seen nowhere.

  • Defining the Assamese people

    The 1985 Memorandum of Settlement, which has become known as Assam Accord, does not define the term ‘Assamese people.’ Its Clause 6 just seeks to provide safeguards to the ‘Assamese People’ It says: "Constitutio...

  • Pyromaniacs and brass knuckles

    Recently a popular English news channel devoted a news segment to announce that Vijay Kumar is arriving back in India within a week. Surely, the return of this man to India does not merit much coverage? We should beware of making Kumar into our ow...

  • AFSPA & Kashmir Crisis

    With due respect to opinions expressed by concerned authorities on the “significance” held by the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) for Jammu and Kashmir, it is essential to analyze the same in the context of the present situa...

  • Options for Kashmiri Leaders

    Work on a harmonious inter-regional relations and constitutional, institutional arrangements to satisfy the urges of all ethnic diversities.

  • Kashmir – a paradise on fire

    Jhelum is on fire since June 11 when a school boy Tufail Ahmad Matto was killed by a bullet from police: The ire has claimed dozens of lives since. The vicious circle of fire-protest-fire seems to have no end. There are several factors resp...

  • Analysing Kashmir: Who failed, where?

    It is indeed amazing that respected leaders are still apparently unaware of how to tackle the Kashmir-crisis. Even now, when they are giving the impression of considering a humanitarian approach towards it, it is difficult to take the apparent ...

  • Mulayam’s Apology!

    A tough political battle lies ahead in UP assembly polls

  • Kashmiri Muslims Need Justice, Not Bullets

    The tragedy is that despite media and Kashmiris making the needed noise about Kashmiri Muslims being needlessly falling victims to police firing in the Valley, the trend still continues.

  • Bhopal verdict: a cruel joke

    Not that the people sitting at the helm in our judicial setup are not aware of this fact, but they remain conspicuously silent on the question of corruption in the legal system of the country.

  • What are we learning from Israeli security experts?

    Sometimes Batla House-like fake encounter takes place, sometimes a collective encounter like Sulaiman Bakery is staged and then efforts are made to defend such horrendous cases. This makes us think that all such inhuman acts have been learnt by ou...

  • Communication Gap: Govt & Kashmiris

    The government’s policy rests more on announcement of “development” packages than their implementation