• Kurdish Turkey comes out on streets to welcome Asia-Gaza Caravan

    Bazargaan was the last stop-over inside Iran before the caravan moved into Turkey. Insani Yardim Vakfi or IHH was the host organization here which is a big Islamic charity operating in 125 countries. More importantly, it was IHH which had organize...

  • Iranian sentiments overwhelm the Asia to Gaza caravan

    Tehran (15 December 2010): After overcoming the initial obstacles in South Asia, where, first the Pakistani government denied visas to some Indians, then Indian government delayed permission to those of its citizens who had obtained visas from the...

  • Obama’s visit to India has regional rumblings

    India’s over-awed neighbours, like next-door Pakistan, may derive scant comfort, if they will, from the development that it was a down-sized Obama visiting India. But it doesn’t take into account the fact that despite losing control of the House o...

  • Americans are talking to the Taliban, at last

    Why Karzai is so keen to hold a formal dialogue for peace with the Taliban is the most convincing evidence of the combat in the field not making the kind of headway that he and his western mentors may have hoped when they ventured into it. Given t...

  • NATO Bares its Imperialist Teeth for Afghanistan

    The collective western adventure and their eye-opening policy projection deserves to be thoroughly dissected.

  • Guantanamo Prisoners - Brave Muslims

    A picture of true believers.

  • ISNA Islamic Convention Sends Message of Compassion & Mercy

    There is absolutely no justification whatsoever for killing innocent people. This is clear in Islam.