Human Rights

  • Abolition of manual scavenging gets priority under NAC

    Ministry for Social Justice is finalising a plan to put an end to the humiliating and shameful practice of manual scavenging within the 11th Plan period that ends in March 2012. National Advisory Council, led by Sonia Gandhi, has asked the gove...

  • NHRC orders compensation for police atrocity

    New Delhi: The National Human Rights Commission directed the J&K government to pay compensation of Rs 5 lakh to the nearest kin of a victim who died due to police torture. Rejecting government’s contention that it had no jurisdiction ...

  • Beyond Aung San Suu Kyi: Rohingyas

    The Rohingyas are the most persecuted and wronged people on the face of the earth today but the world is fixated at the plight of Aung San Suu Kyi and her followers.

  • Hanif gets justice: Aussies apologise, pay compensation

    New Delhi: Satya mev Jayate (Truth Prevails) proclaims India as her motto on her national emblem, Ashok chakra. Yes, the truth has prevailed if not in India at least in Australia where a terror accused doctor was released twenty-five days after hi...

  • No justice in Modi’s Gujarat

    Rafik Bobah (37), a former POTA accused in Sabarmati Train carnage of 2002, is suffering from acute dermatitis, a skin disease. He is lodged in Sabarmati Central Jail of Ahmedabad. He requested the authorities at least six times during the last on...

  • Ten percent reservation for West Bengal Muslims

    New Delhi: A National Convention on the social and financial condition of Muslims of West Bengal was held at Ghalib Academy, New Delhi on 2 November in which delegates and intellectuals from different states of the country expressed their views an...

  • AFSPA and unsolved massacres in Manipur

    Thousands were watching a volley ball match at the Heirangoithong Volley Ball Ground in Imphal. Some extremists tried to snatch weapons from the CRPF personnel there which resulted in the CRPF to resort to firing killing five people. The injured e...

  • ‘Sir, don’t shoot me, I am on fast’

    Some Muslim youths and their colleagues who were observing fast were picked up by Madhya Pradesh police from their houses and killed in a fake encounter. Their "achievement", however, became suspicious. Hence, an investigation team from the state ...

  • My 75 days of horror in the hands of Anti-Terror Squad

    In the police custody of 75 days, I never forget the words of Asstt. Commissioner of Police late Shri Vinod Bhatt, who committed suicide in the second week of August. Before his suicide, during interrogation he told me that he was under immense pr...

  • In solidarity for Palestine, Asian activists announce caravan to Gaza

    17 Asian countries will join the caravan from India and traverse through 6 Asian countries before it sails to break the siege of Gaza in December 2010

  • Kerala police raids Muslim book distributor

    They also distribute The Milli Gazette and "Who Killed Karkare? The Real face of terrorism in India".

  • Why only Muslims are targeted by police in cases of violence?

    For a common policeman, this thinking is so deep in his mind that generally speaking Muslims are mischief makers and rioters. It is almost impossible for him to believe that any riot can be started by Hindus.

  • Batla encounter: NHRC relied only on police version

    The NHRC first asks for a report from the department and if that report is found satisfactory, the probe is closed. If that report is found inadequate or incomplete, the NHRC can start its own probe.