• Why qabristan is central to BJP theme

    This Qabristan/Shamshan politics is not that old as we all remember the heat it generated when Modi during his campaign in 2014 raised the issue, accusing Samajwadi Party (SP) government in UP (2012-17) to have opened its coffers for Qabristans.

  • Modi's continuing as Prime Minister may degrade Gandhi's India

    After Modi became Prime Minister he launched a drive to unabashedly promote a personality cult around him.  Modi also launched a whirlwind tour of many advanced countries and made sure that the media published his photographs ever...

  • The Babri Mediation: How suitable is Sri Sri?

    His postulations for temple are more than visible for his series of stands against the Muslim side in the case. All of his arguments have been heavily loaded against Muslims to surrender the Babri Masjid site in favour for a Ram Temple on it.

  • A New Vogue: Authoritarian Leader Don’t Easily Accept Defeat

    Modi’s Hindu Rashtra aspiration is not only undoable but, in pursuit of the goal, dangerously divisive. Hindutva growing into full blown oak in the Hindi belt will make this belt look very different to, say, the South.

  • Spewing Venom

    The attacks on minorities (both verbal and physical), have been taking place on an unprecedented scale ever since they came to power in May 2014. It is therefore logical that spewing venom is the core agenda of the ruling political dispensation.

  • The Sinking Religious Freedom in India!

    India is marked as a violator of religious freedom by United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, in its 20th Annual Report released recently on the conditions of countries, in line with International Religious Freedom Act.

  • Elections 2019: Watch out for Media Power!

    Now, more than 900 channels are available in India. Ahead of the electoral verdict, politicians seem to judge their 'success' by the nature of their media coverage.

  • Why Hindutva Philosophy Never Discusses Poverty

    Does Hindutva's ideology allow any anti-poverty agenda in any mode of its functioning? Do they suggest ways and means to alleviate, leave alone eradicate, poverty?

  • Congress and BJP: How different are their attitudes towards Muslims

    Indira Gandhi appeared to have been chastened into Hinduism once she returned to power in 1980. A touch of Hindu majoritarianism dictated her offensive on Sikh extremism.

  • Ram’s Birth in Ayodhya: Memorable View From Sanctum Sanctorum

    There was a singular absence of frenzy last week in Ayodhya on the occasion of Ram Navmi. As the campaign for election 2019 rose to a crescendo, one would have expected the Hindutva Brigade to turn up in full force for several reasons. To obtai...

  • Priyanka-card: A Gamble?

    Congress is not the only party which gives some consideration to dynasty factor in elevation of party members to key posts. If Varun was not Maneka Gandhi’s son, would he have been given significant political space in BJP?

  • Why do Indians Visit Libya for Employment despite Travel Ban?

    Appeal to Indians to leave On 19 April, 2019, I received a message on WhatsApp from one of my relatives in Dubai. Normally he does not bother to forward messages. Curiously, I opened the link. The headline of Khaleej Times read thus: &ldquo...

  • Azam khan deserves a second hearing

    Lucknow: Muhammed Azam Khan was banned for 72 hours from campaigning, from April 16, alongwith Yogi Adityanath, Maneka Gandhi and Mayawati by the Election Commission. He was served with ‘no-notice’ by EC. Azam was sentenced for his ...

  • Priyanka Preparing UP For 2022, Rahul The Congress For 2024

    It is true that there are no permanent enemies or permanent friends in politics. But this Machiavellian law is clearly not applicable when a coalition of parties is in the midst of an existential battle. No one can grudge the Congress party&rsq...

  • Hindutva march from India to the American shores

    As election time nears, violence accelerates. The latest, of course, is this horrifying video on the social media, of an eatery-owner in Assam, 68-year-old Shaukat Ali who is not just brutally attacked by gau-rakshaks but also forced to consume...

  • Progressive Manifesto Gives One Signal, Fighting Left In Kerala Another

    Rahul Gandhi’s choice of Wayanad as his constituency in South India has set tongues wagging. Is this an insurance just in case there is a shock reversal in Amethi? Since he is fighting the BJP in the company of regional parties, is the Am...

  • From Christchurch to India: How India's RSS Inspires White Nationalist Violence

    White Nationalist Terrorism “I have read the writings of Dylan Roof and many others, but only really took true inspiration from Knight Justiciar Breivik,” says Brenton Tarrant, the 28-year-old white Australian terrorist who gunn...

  • Kashmir: need for serious dialogue with its civil society

    An unfortunate fallout of the recent incidents in Pulwama and other regions of Kashmir is the targeting of Kashmiri students in different parts of the country. Several colleges in Dehradun, for instance, have been forced by right wing activists...

  • Cherishing Jacinda Ardern as NZ ushers in new world order of high public morality

    I cherish Jacinda Ardern as my daughter. At her very young age she has catapulted herself to the likes of Martyn Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi and has changed the course of recent history through Ahimsa, that is non-violence. After the infamou...

  • Time New Delhi started talking to Hurriyat leaders

    What is the Modi-led government’s policy on Kashmir? Instead of the much needed talks with the Hurriyat leaders, for trying to find that crucial wayout from the ongoing mess, there is a complete u-turn. What, with several of the Hurriyat ...