• Will political lockdown continue to control anger of migrant workers?

    Narendra Modi's silence on the 16 Gonds who slept between rail tracks to be run over by a goods train was stunning.

  • The Calamitous Coronavirus, Caste, Class And Colonialism

    The caravan of the dignified, despairing and the defeated will remain etched on my mind like a Biblical catastrophe, custom made for a Cecil B De Mille extravaganza.  Firaq Gorakhpuri’s couplet is apt: “Palat rahe h...

  • Two Catalysts Which Have Changed India And US For Good

    What will the world look like after the Coronavirus induced shutdown?

  • Looking back at a public intellectual’s advice to the Muslim community

    Consistent with deep respect and academic regard, a student of international politics and security whose very existence revolves around muddled issues of chaos, hard power, securitization, game theory, bargaining, etc., may have for a professor...

  • Is the Delhi Pogrom 2020 really over?

    Nearly a month later, the survivors are still traumatised from the loss of life, livelihood, homes, and have little hope from the authorities

  • An open letter to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal—the chief minister of Delhi

    Corona virus is difficult to control but the deadlier communal virus can be controlled if and when the political rulers do want to control it! Control it before more human lives are sniffed out.

  • Delhi Violence: A Wake-up Call

    The anti-Muslim communal poison and activities have considerably enraged a large number of Indians. And they are going out of their way to help affected Muslims.

  • The Greatest Movement Since Independence But What’s Shaheen Bagh’s Future?

    The core of the protest movement, the women, have demonstrated extraordinary reserves of stamina. But equally on show is the lack of commitment on the part of exactly the left-of-centre groups who had initially boosted Shaheen Bagh by enthusiastic...

  • Shaheen Bagh is a template for India’s unity

    The commentaries on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), and National Registry of Citizens (NRC) Act from a large number of learned and distinguished Indians including Nobel laureates, retired judges of India’s Supreme Court and other lum...

  • Delhi Assembly Elections 2020 and Beyond – Will Kejriwal Come to Shaheen Bagh?

    The victory of AAP is a much-needed respite against the advancing forces of the Saffron Brigade. Everyone who holds the Saffron Brigade as a threat to the idea of India is celebrating. However, lest we forget, this respite is temporary.

  • Hindutva leaders threatening to kill get scot-free

    Why arrest only the foot soldiers, when the actual masterminds sit untouched. The Hindutva rulers who insist on heaping provocative, threatening, communal, gutter abusive taunts! They are part and parcel of the political machinery! Yes...

  • Political Pawns Used for Jamia-Firing

    The religious angle displayed by the shooters probably bears a greater significance than insufficient security provided by police-forces. It is possible, if Delhi Assembly elections were not scheduled, the three firing-incidents may not have taken...

  • What should Shaheen Bagh stalwarts do now

    The conditioning of the people that the protestors are a public nuisance is to legitimize the impending crackdown. As to its timing, between elections and results, in order that any adverse fallout is tidied over before Trump's visit.

  • Reflection on Partition as government opens wounds on citizenship

    Since the word “Partition” has figured in the discourse on CAA, NCR and NPR, the mind turns towards Maulana Azad, who was so fiercely opposed to the country’s division. By a coincidence, next month, February 22, happens to be ...

  • India — The coming anarchy

    By all accounts, the economy that enabled the majority turning a blind eye to the right-wing’s supremacist agenda is now on downslide. Polarization appears to have lost its sheen.

  • The Question is Now About Muslim Leadership, Not Just Representation

    We, the Muslim Indians, have been betrayed since long. The betrayals have cost us dearly, to the extent that it has eventually culled out the intense “identity assassination” of the Muslim Indian (Muslim first or Indian first) that ...

  • New Political Wave Counters BJP

    Constitutionally, the country and its people are caught in a strange deadlock. On one hand, people of all religions are on streets protesting against the central government’s stand on Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Register of ...

  • Davinder Singh’s arrest gives a glimpse of the murky game of State terror

    As a civil society we should prevent any further hangings of the prisoners languishing in captivity behind those high walls. Thousands of imprisoned could be absolutely innocent yet sit implicated, trapped and targeted.

  • Thank you, Messrs Modi-Shah, you woke us up!

    This spectacular change came from totally unexpected quarters – from our students and youth and particularly from our women who were written off as silent spectators in a world dominated by men.

  • New Idea of India: Secularism of Common Aspirations takes Shape

    “Majrooh uthi hai mauje saba Aasaar liye toofanon ke Har qatra-e-shabnam bun jaaye Ek mauj-e-rawan, kuchh door naheen” (The morning breeze is deceptive; it is actually a storm in the making. Who kno...