• New Political Wave Counters BJP

    Constitutionally, the country and its people are caught in a strange deadlock. On one hand, people of all religions are on streets protesting against the central government’s stand on Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Register of ...

  • Davinder Singh’s arrest gives a glimpse of the murky game of State terror

    As a civil society we should prevent any further hangings of the prisoners languishing in captivity behind those high walls. Thousands of imprisoned could be absolutely innocent yet sit implicated, trapped and targeted.

  • Thank you, Messrs Modi-Shah, you woke us up!

    This spectacular change came from totally unexpected quarters – from our students and youth and particularly from our women who were written off as silent spectators in a world dominated by men.

  • New Idea of India: Secularism of Common Aspirations takes Shape

    “Majrooh uthi hai mauje saba Aasaar liye toofanon ke Har qatra-e-shabnam bun jaaye Ek mauj-e-rawan, kuchh door naheen” (The morning breeze is deceptive; it is actually a storm in the making. Who kno...

  • Of AMU Imbroglio: Responsibility, Strategy and the Way Forward

    We all must come together to convert this moment of crises into a time of opportunity to introduce urgently needed reforms in the university particularly in terms of its structural framework.

  • What violates secularism: Ministers, politicians visiting temples or Muslims uttering Allah?

    When the act of Prime Minister Narendra Modi worshiping goddess Ganga is live telecast on prime time for hours, it is hardly debated and criticized in the public sphere.

  • Right-wingers unleash terror everywhere

    We are destined to be living in these dark times where the powerful can get anyone killed and bumped off. Any possible alibi to be killed by those yielding brute force and victim her/himself labelled a terrorist.

  • Human Extinction Now Imminent and Inevitable? A Report on the State of Planet Earth

    There is a significant body of evidence that human extinction is now imminent; that is, it will occur within the next few years and possibly this year: 2020. There is also a significant body of evidence that human extinction is now inevitable; ...

  • Shaheen Bagh is the new Tahrir Square

    It was in late 2001, when I was desperately searching for an affordable accommodation after joining my first job in Delhi. The preference was for a place at a central location, which was close to mainstream Delhi while offering an approachable ...

  • Soleimani’s Murder: It Is Building Upto A Terrible Crescendo In West Asia

    The assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani by US airstrikes in Iraq, brings West Asia nearer the precipice. By this action, President Trump, who cannot get out of Afghanistan, has got himself deeper into the West Asian Quagmire. Americ...

  • India: three scenarios out to 2030

    Which scenario emerges as a result would depend on how the Muslims take forward the counter CAA agitation in face of the regime’s covert sabotage and vilification of the same.

  • Muslim Identity in CAA-NRC protests irks Shekhar Gupta

    “Acknowledged differences may create mutual respect, but hazy misunderstandings bring forth nothing but prejudice and rejection.” ― Tariq Ramadan in "Islam, the West and the Challenges of Modernity" ...

  • We waited for a contest in Britain, we got a massacre

    The evening began disastrously not only because Boris Johnson won by a landslide but because our host, Lord Meghnad Desai, could not cook us a meal, having hurt his right hand (it is in plaster); our collective viewing of the election results w...

  • Legalised Lynching is not the solution to rising rapes in India

    Don’t overlook the fact that rapists come from within this society, they are part of our society and so we cannot distance ourselves, by coming up with barbaric ways of dealing with it.

  • Ayodhya bubble has burst!

    Decades earlier when means of communication were fairly limited, communal disturbance over Ayodhya-issue occurred almost throughout the country.

  • Not Just A Brexit Election: Outcome Will Tilt Global Balance

    The only way Capitalism in trauma can fight a progressive politician is to cast him as a 'Communist', anti-Semitic or one negligent of Islamic terrorism.

  • Islamophobia—the link in these suicides in higher places of learning

    All this truth coming out is a bit too late in the day as by now the falsehoods spread against Muslims are a core part of understanding of most of the people in the society.

  • It is an unjust order, Milords

    It is clear Indian Muslims have no choice but to keep quiet at this Himalayan injustice. Even their democratic right to peacefully register their protest has been snatched away with threats of National Security Act.

  • SC Verdict: What if Ram temple was demolished in 1992 instead of Babri Masjid?

    My consciences does not allow me to celebrate it the SC verdict, to forget the gross injustice done in broad-day light on December 6, 1992.

  • Ayodhya Verdict: A Litmus Test for Modi

    BJP is in power at the centre as well in Uttar Pradesh (UP). Any kind of communal chaos following the verdict would only throw question marks on the ability of this party.