• BJP’s Political Ego punctured in UP & Bihar!

    Paradoxically, BJP’s defeat also marks its failure to analyse the key factors responsible for its victory from UP last year in the assembly elections as well as in 2014 parliamentary elections.

  • BJP’s Forays in North Eastern States and anti Minority Agenda

    From last couple of decades one is coming across the pamphlets, leaflets and other material containing the propaganda that Christian missionaries are converting the people at rapid pace; the examples mostly given have been...

  • Communist Liberals, Sadly, Islamophobic

    Majoritarianism is a grave threat to the secular fabric of India and Muslim conservatism is an offshoot of this same Hindutva Majoritarianism; not vice versa.

  • "Sonia, Sadly" — but Indian Muslims live like kings

    Harsh Mander's article "Sonia, Sadly" was published by mainstream Indian media this week. The core message of the article was emphasizing on the assumption that the political parties don't want to associate themselves with the...

  • HAATHI-LAATHI-786 — Dalits-OBCs-Muslims: Understanding UP anew through by election results

    2019 cannot be fought on the old plank of electoral politics...Will the Congress rise to the occasion? Are the SP-BSP going to develop an anti-liberalization, pro-poor, alternative?

  • Muslims should strategise their political stepping!

    We owe this to the majority of the Indians, who continue to be secular, and also owe it to ourselves as a community to stop being mere puppets at play, that continue being exploited for political gains.

  • Tripura Ends CPM Tedium By Trading Decency For False Eldorado

    This may sound odd, but the reasons for the rout of the CPM in Tripura are, to some extent, similar to the ones responsible for the decline of West Indian cricket.

  • Thank you, Wonder Woman!

    As 8 March approaches once again, I am simply overwhelmed remembering the many women in my life! I stop and wonder whether it is a mere ‘cosmetic’ exercise, a kind of ‘tokenism’ or is there something more?

  • PM Modi’s Muslim outreach: Ground level follow up can garner support

    Modi's speech on the occasion of the Jordanian King's visit to India in the presence of a thousand plus Indian Muslims evokes an aura of a paradigm shift from his erstwhile perceived policy.

  • India Under Hindutva: What standards? Double standards!

    Double standards all the way, even where as serious a crime as rape is concerned. Different treatment meted out to the rapists if they are from the corridors of power or if they rape whilst communal rioting is on.

  • On Justin Trudeau and Indo-Palestine relations

    Needless for me to add that a man who can take care of his wife and children is sure to take care of his nation and its people.

  • Valentine's Day has dehumanised love

    'February is the month of love because spring is on us Yet it seems that there's a futile and unnecessary fuss Valentine Day also comes along with message of love But there remains love which's different and far above ...

  • Sanjay Leela Bhansali throws Indian women under bus with ‘Padmaavat’

    From the beginning, the basic purpose of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie Padmaavatwas to promote the right-wing Hindutva agenda. Part of that agenda is to show that most Muslim rulers, who ruled significant parts of India for more than...

  • BJP Ideology and Future of Scientific Enterprise in India

    The Bharatiya Janata Party and its leaders, who are currently ruling and dictating the direction of scientific research and development, putting things in the reverse gear.

  • WHO KILLED ANKIT SAXENA — a new pattern of Hindutva terror?

    Was Ankit linked with Bajrang Dal? Perhaps, not directly--but Deepak, Ankit's friend, is known as a Bajrang Dal member. Locals say Deepak even has a case registered against him--but this could not be verified as the Police Station refused to co-op...

  • India too needs a ministry of loneliness

    Now that UK has appointed the country’s first ever ‘Minister for Loneliness’, I’m certain the political lot here will be thinking in terms of setting up a ministry along the same lines.

  • Indian Vs Pakistani chhole-bhatoore

    Recently, a Pakistani Urdu daily carried a light-hearted article written by a culinary expert, who loves to gorge on Indian delicacies. He wrote that one gets to relish the tastiest chhole-bhatoore in Pakistan, esp. in Sahiwal (southern Punjab,...

  • Reflecting On Rahul Gandhi And Cow Belt – With Eyes Closed

    The new Congress President, Rahul Gandhi in his new Hindu avatar, swam into my ken, wearing an unconvincing janaeu over his jacket and temple hopping with frenetic frequency.

  • Dr King Jr. was indebted to India's philosophy of nonviolence

    A day after Dr Martin Luther King Jr's assassination on April 4, 1968 in Memphis, US, a team of doctors and sleuths of FBI found a piece of paper in his wallet. Inscribed on that piece of paper were two quotes. One of Gautam Buddha and...

  • India: Right-Wing political goons on the prowl everywhere

    The fact is that fascist forces are worried and apprehensive: What if Rahul, Akhilesh, Tejashvi, Hardik, Alpesh, Jignesh, Chandrashekar and other budding leaders come together.