• Gujarat: Sonia Gandhi’s political gamble!

    Gujarat assembly elections have delivered nothing short of a political bombshell to the party in power and key leaders. Of course, BJP was not prepared for such a fight.

  • Mother of All Paradoxes: Muslims Indispensable For The Hindutva Project

    Even token visits to Muslim enclaves in the walled city or Juhapura were taboo for Rahul. The trick obviously worked. It drove the Hindutva think tank to distraction. They began to invent dark conspiracies with Pakistan.

  • India under Hindutva: there is light at the end of the tunnel

    Even as we sit dissecting the actual losers or winners in the Gujarat elections, few aspects hit. For one, the 2002 pogrom stood so very dimmed as though in these fifteen years we seem to have forgotten those killings and rapes...

  • Exit Polls: The Blaze of Superstition

    Even if Congress wins in Gujarat it will not make a difference to the ongoing nexus of neo-liberalism and communalism. The chief minister will not be able to get along with RSS-BJP. See Nitish Kumar in Bihar.

  • Jerusalem: A moment of reckoning

    A summit is the top of a mountain. In diplomacy, a summit is a meeting of the top persons of countries–presidents, kings or, at the minimum, prime ministers. At the extraordinary session of Organisations of Islamic Conference (OIC) in Ist...

  • Modi, why did you kill our boys?: Gujarat poll survey

    This time it is going to be different. Modi has messed up big-time. He is going to be punished. The survey below was built by talking to more than 10,000 respondents. I posted the first, 'guerrilla opinion poll' in October 2017.  ...

  • Finding positivity around December 6 Anniversary

    Secular Indians have displayed no inhibitions in thousands gathering with anti-communal posters, banners and other signs in different parts of the country. They have used Facebook, WhatsApp and other means to spread their messages.

  • Left, Right, Centre? Or Does AAP Defy Simple Definitions?

    I probably move in the wrong circles, because nobody I know has a good word for the Aam Aadmi Party. You mention AAP and they begin to whine. This is not the response I get from neighbourhood drivers, other workers and their friends. There is a...

  • Hadiya: no one has the right to separate a married couple

    Imagine, in this day and age, an educated adult woman is pleading to be united with the love of her life - her husband. Why do we have to punish her! Why? Simply because she fell in love with a Musalman?

  • Gujarat Elections and Padmavati movie controversy — Struggle between Secular and Talibani Hindus

    With an awful record of governance in Gujarat for over two decades, and not even the Muslim card to play with, BJP strategists are gambling on invoking the falsified account of a historical Bollywood movie, 'Rani Padmavati'.

  • Gujarat Elections: Litmus Test for Modi & Rahul!

    A key factor responsible for a better performance of Congress may be the party leader Rahul’s campaign proving to be more energetic than before. It seems he has finally come to grips with what Indian politics demands

  • Padmavat was Jayasi's fictitious spiritual conduit

    The unnecessary controversy regarding Sanjay Leela Bhansali's film Padmavati must be seen and understood against the backdrop of Persian mysticism, spirituality and poetry to get a comprehensive picture of the whole issue. The ...

  • National dish debate — a case against Khichdi, for Idli-Dosa

    I don't understand who are those overenthusiastic people who want to make khichdi the national dish of India? First of all, khichdi is not an Indian or even a sub-continental dish. It came to India 2200-2500 years ago from China. Asiatic So...

  • Allama Iqbal was world's first Global Citizen

    'Vatanparasti se badhkar bhi ek jazba hai aur woh hai insaaniyat ka. Mujhe nahin lagta ki insaaniyat ko kisi mulk ki had mein qaid kiya jaa sakta hai.

  • How Camus deftly combined oriental and occidental philosophies

    French existentialist Albert Camus' 104th birthday falls on November 7. Recently, French political and news magazine Le Point suggested that Camus, who extensively studied all six schools of oriental philosophy, must have got a take-of...

  • The RSS Must Come Forward to Serve Abandoned Mother Cows

    Throughout country farmers are abandoning un-productive cows (which cannot be milked) which were disposed in animal bazaars earlier. It is the direct fall out of RSS/BJP leaders' project of HOLINESS OF THE MOTHER COW. After violent attacks ...

  • Will BJP construct Ram Mandir at Ayodhya?

    It is a million dollar question why BJP is not constructing Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. Will it construct Ram Mandir before 2019 Lok Sabha election? This is a quite natural question as well as curiosity, as BJP is in power in both Centre & UP wi...

  • Name-dropping is also an art

    I just came across Katherine Mansfield's sage advice to all name-droppers in all countries, communities and continents: 'Name-dropping is a sheer art. A name-dropper will hardly be caught if s/he drops the name of a celeb...

  • Political Agenda of Communal Drive!

    According to calculations of politicians in power, tapping on the religious nerve of the people will arouse their emotional fervour and divert attention of people from economic, social and other issues troubling them.

  • Human brain gets drawn to mediocrity!

    Some neurologists like Kendell, Forsyth and Sharpe at Illinois University in the US have recently concluded that an average human brain actually gets drawn to mediocrity and lowly things. This is really interesting, but is not exactly a brand-n...